Read this if you want your pet to be Insta famous

Read this if you want your pet to be Insta famous
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In this guide we share the styling tips, hashtag hacks and editing apps that you need to up your pet’s Insta-game.


People have always loved an animal personality. From Lassie the dog, Shrek the sheep, Huberta the hippopotamus to Babe the pig, Willy the whale and Skippy the bush kangaroo, our love for animals has always been reflected in the media, film and popular culture.

Now, with the introduction of Instagram, people can connect with like-minded pet enthusiasts, sharing pet selfies, funny anecdotes and all the things that we love about our furry friends. They can build their pet’s influence on Instagram, work with brands and bring genuine product recommendations and positivity into their lives of others.

Anyone can get started – you don’t need expensive camera equipment. We’ve interviewed ten different successful pet accounts to find out what it takes to build their pet’s personal brand, grow their following and collaborate with brands.

Read this if you want your pet to be Insta famous

Build a pet Instagram account 


From funny first person pet accounts where the audience feel like they are talking directly to the pet, to humans sharing their pets’ stories, there are a variety of ways you can approach building a pet account. For many it was a happy accident, or a passion project that took off unexpectedly.

Building your pet’s personal brand involves planning the aesthetics and tone of voice. In terms of aesthetic. “Once I had a filter, I stuck with it,” says @badgal_peaches. “I try my best to only use bright, high resolution photos.”


Grow the pet Instagram following 


Growing any Instagram following can seem like a mammoth task but pet account @frankie.the.sausage reminds us what it’s all about. “Social media (especially if you’re running a pet page) is meant to be fun. Post great quality content you’re proud of, connect with your followers and the people that you follow. Stay relevant and active, use hashtags and the numbers will follow.”

Their pets have become insta-famous by being genuine and thinking about their audience. A common theme among the pet accounts was that they’d never plug a product they didn’t truly love.

Read this if you want your pet to be Insta famous

Collaborate with brands 


“Stay authentic to the personal brand you have developed. Ensure the companies you want to collab with align with your values and what you would do or buy for your pet,” says @jack_the_sam.

It’s also so important that you keep your followers engaged, “I spend time writing back to everyone who comments. I really try and keep up with the accounts I follow too,” says @snickers_the_cavoodle.

When deciding on whether she would collaborate with a brand, @howimetmychino always ensures that she is clear upfront with brands about what is required from her dog. “Ensure your dog will be comfortable with what is required,” she advises.


Plan your photoshoot


A lot of prep comes beforehand for planned shoots too so the pet doesn’t have to sit still for too long which many owners can attest to, is near impossible for many.

“I have absolutely everything set up beforehand because I don’t want Snickers sitting around waiting for me to remove clutter or find what I need. Sometimes I even take a few pics before I call Snickers over and check composition/lighting etc. is right,” says @snickers_the_cavoodle.

Candid shots are a common theme too with owners always having a camera at hand to capture a moment. “I prefer natural shots, letting my cats be themselves while I’m clicking away in the background,” says @littleleezie.

Read this if you want your pet to be Insta famous

Look after your pets


But ultimately, followers and brand collaborations aside, the pet owners know that their pets’ welfare is the utmost important thing. They keep them engaged during photoshoots with fun games, treats and pats.

“Put the wellbeing of your pet first. If they are stressed or uncomfortable, don’t force them into anything. Capturing your pet in the moment is also effective and requires little interruption,” says @lifeofjinkee.

Pets are a constant source of inspiration for these owners so it’s only a matter of giving their animals lots of love and attention. “During most of our videos the dogs have no idea we’re filming. They seem to love having a photoshoot and dressing up,” says @miss_poppet_the_samoyed.

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