Instagram Influencers: Why, when, what & how to create a blog

Instagram Influencers: Why, when, what & how to create a blog
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Vamp influencer @stylebytrade share their top tips on how to create a blog and why Instagram influencers shouldn’t disregard the advantages of having a blog to complement their Instagram profile. 

Creating a blog can easily be thrown into the too hard basket. It may seem like big commitment when Instagram seemingly covers your bases. There are, however, a plethora of reasons why a blog is key in upping the ante as an influencer.

Why you should create a blog

It’s a great resource to complement and elaborate on what you’ve discussed via your Instagram content. It can help you to become more personable to your audience (after all social media is all about sharing and connecting). There’s only so many words that keeps readers captivated in your caption, so direct your audience to read more. Connect with them a little deeper on your blog.

Potential clients or collaborators can also find further insight into who you are and what you represent. It can help to build clients’ confidence in you. Companies like to maximise the reach of their content with a blog post and this could be your point of difference in winning their job.

From a monetary point of view, once your blog reaches a certain quantity of views and interaction you could begin charging for advertisement space. There are also platforms such as Referboard where you can create an online store of your favourite products where you can earn commission from purchases your readers make.

How to create a blog

There are two main ways to build your blog.

You can invest money into a web designer to tailor make a perfect space for you. Or there are very affordable and economical platforms such as Squarespace. These allow you can create a blog from templates and tweak them to your own style.

Either way, its important to have easy access to your analytics. This is the information that indicates the who/what/where/when/how of your audience interacts with your space. This is important information for potential clients.

What to post on your blog

Now it’s time to start filling it with content! Before you launch your blog, make sure it’s filled with fun and interesting content. Introduce it with a bang. Start with at least five posts under each topic you cover. As a rough guide, aim for each article to sit around 600 words with 3+ supporting images. It’s also important to be consistent with your posting. Blog posts are surprisingly time consuming, but if you can manage posting twice a week, this is a great effort.

When to invite traffic to your blog

So how does anyone know your beautiful blog exists? Driving traffic to your blog involves a range of tricks. First and foremost, Instagram is a great link and here’s a quick tip. Publish an Instagram post that is an interesting teaser to your blog post and encourage your audience to click through to read further. Keep the link to your latest blog post in your Instagram bio (and mention that it’s there in your post caption). Complement this with an Insta Story which includes an image from your blog post and a short caption encouraging viewers to visit your space. Use the swipe up function to allow an easy link to your blog.

SEO basics for bloggers

Another topic to consider with your blog is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This can seem like a very scary topic with all the fancy and seemingly intangible web lingo.

Our 3 pointers for a 101 start to SEO are:

  • Ensure you use key words throughout your post- i.e. when a potential reader types ‘fashionable men’s socks’ into a search engine, if this phrase is included in your post, you have a much better chance of it being visible in that search.
  • Ensure your blog has an option to sign up or subscribe to a newsletter. You can start to develop a mailing list where you can notify readers that a new post is live. Just be mindful of how frequently you mail your subscribers as you don’t want them to opt out when their inbox is overflowing with messages from you. Once a month would be a great place to start. You can also use Instagram as a link to your mailing list subscription.
  • Optimise your images which is a fancy way of saying – rename your files before uploading them. This will make it easier to find when a potential reader is using a search engine. i.e. rename your men’s sock post “Fashionable Men’s Socks” rather then the default “IMG…”.

Writing a blog can seem like a scary and impossible feat but it’s a great platform to give your audience a better opportunity to get to know you. It gives you an avenue to discuss topics that you’re passionate about. If you commit to putting in time and energy, your blog will become a beautiful space for you to unleash your creative flair.

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