Instagram Insights for Travel Influencers and Brands

Instagram Insights for Travel Influencers and Brands
Travel Influencers

We all dream of becoming travel influencers.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to travel the world and experience its wonders, right? A frequently asked question we get at Vamp is “How do I become a travel influencer?”

Fact is, it’s hard work. It takes a lot of practice to get good at the niche of travel photography and to build an engaged audience.

Brands looking to collaborate with travel Influencers on producing high quality content will want to arm themselves with the latest stats from Instagram on travel brands and travel influencers.

Hot off the press, we’ve put together some of the key travel Instagram insights we picked up from a recent Instagram conference in the US.

What did Instagram tell us about current trends with Travel consumers?

You definitely don’t have to strictly be a travel brand to run an Influencer campaign which involves producing beautiful travel imagery. The beautiful imagery featured on this page all came from our recent campaign with United Overseas Bank. Our Influencers created sensational imagery and travel blogs to be featured on the UOB micro-site. You can utilise niche travel influencers or lifestyle/fashion/foodie influencers who also feature travel shots within their feed. This might be a good way of producing travel themed assets for a wider advertising campaign which your brand can utilise or engaging new customers with inspirational content that aligns with a message you want to associate your brand with.

Travel Consumers Told Instagram:

Gives me endless options and access to an array of ways to be inspired through an abundance of different individuals at my fingertips.”

“Instagram is quicker to search, with a hashtag. I’m using it to plan my trip to Bali.”


OVER 160M posts for #travel worldwide 



Of the top 10 accounts that travel Instagrammers’ followers, 6 of these accounts are travel brands 


“Reading materials and looking at photos to relax after work. I have my smartphone right next to me, which makes it very convenient.”

“On Instagram the pictures are smaller than magazines, but Instagram has many more pictures. More is better. It gives you more freedom, more choices.”


CLOSE TO 1M unique users search weekly for travel related hashtags on Instagram globally


What motivates travel Instagrammers to be part of the Instagram community:

99% Gives them memories

96% Encourages them to fantasise about visiting exciting places

95% Exposes me to different cultures and the way they live

94% Gives opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge

They are hungry for travel knowledge:

US travel users are more likely to choose Instagram over magazines for:

62% connecting with travel community

54% looking for motivation

52% looking for a new brand

Global Instagrammers are interested in many different areas of travel & trends, some unique hashtags are:

#ADVENTURE – over 38M posts

#ROADTRIP – over 25M posts

#STAYCATION – over 1M posts

#VACATIONMODE – about 1M posts

#HIDDENGEM – over 290k posts

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