4 reasons not to leave your Christmas Influencer Marketing campaigns to last minute

4 reasons not to leave your Christmas Influencer Marketing campaigns to last minute
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We don’t need to tell you… 

… that Christmas is a hop, skip & a jump away. Wait, what? Didn’t we only just cheers our way into 2017? We feel you!

We know the pressure is on to stand out from other retailers, both online and in-store. Ultimately it presents a HUGE opportunity for brands and Influencers alike to stand out in the market. 

This Christmas is the season of the Influencer after the biggest year in Influencer Marketing so far, with rapid growth predicted for 2018 and onwards. 

The market is predicted to reach US$5bn by 2020, from around US$1bn today. 

You can bet your bottom dollar that people will be looking to Influencers for recommendations on what to put on their Christmas wish lists this year.

It’s a good idea to get in early with your Christmas Influencer Marketing strategy. Find out 4 reasons why below:

1) Get them before they’re gone! The best Influencers will book up early. 

Real estate on an Influencer’s feed is finite. With so many more opportunities opening up to them in the busy season, Influencers will be selective about how many brands they work with. Vamp’s full-service INFLUENCE package gives your brand the highest quality Influencers available on the market.

2) Brands will pay for exclusivity contracts on an Influencer’s social channel

Savvy brands will block out competitors from using in-demand Influencers by paying more for category or product exclusivity during the Christmas period. 

3) Influencer costs will increase the longer you wait to book

It’s simple supply & demand. The more in demand Influencers are the more likely they will be to cut deals early. As the holiday season gets closer and the number of offers increase, expect rates to go up. 

4) Influencer produced content will be commissioned by brands for use in their wider social strategies

Vamp’s CREATE package allows brands to commission content from Influencers for use in owned or paid media channels, outside of social media campaigns entirely. 

Let us take a load off in the preparations this season

Vamp hires, briefs, coordinates, ships product and pays talent so you don’t have to. We help monitor, optimise and amplify campaigns to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. 

Think of us as your own personal Christmas elves!

Interested or even a teensy bit curious about what we can do for your brand?


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