Hungry for Knowledge: Insights into the Food and Beverage Industry

Hungry for Knowledge: Insights into the Food and Beverage Industry
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What did Instagram tell us about current trends with Food and Beverage customers?

Vamp recently attended an Instagram conference in the US which provided many great insights into the current market across many different verticals. Having worked with many leading clients in the food and beverage industry, including Nestlé, Peroni and Tip Top, we took note of some of the latest stats to share with you. The findings show that food and & bev customers are an active, passionate community on Instagram and that Instagram is replacing traditional magazines for foodies.

Food & Bev customers told Instagram:

“It is routine for me to check Instagram first thing when I wake up. I was curious to see what my friends have been doing.”

“Instagram is on my phone, so it’s available all the time. It’s an extension of my hand. Magazines you have to carry around.”

“I’m a huge foodie. Because I follow so many many many food oriented things on Instagram, I’m always the go to for suggestions.”

“Magazines are very passive, to escape and veg out. Instagram is interactive. You can comment and like. There’s the opportunity for dialogue.”

“Before Instagram, I would connect with family and friends about food in person when we were eating together. Since Instagram, we connect online just as much offline.”

They are an active, passionate community

Over 200M posts for #food worldwide

Over 24M posts for #drinks worldwide

Over 11M in the US who have food & Bev as their top passion on Instagram

Over 2M unique users search weekly for food & Bev related hashtags on Instagram globally

US Food & Bev users are more likely to choose Instagram over magazines for:



Stay on top of recent trends


Looking for motivation


Connecting with the food & bev community

Some of the highest performing hashtags:


over 25M posts

about 11M posts


over 10M posts

over 10M posts

over 4M posts


over 2M posts

Times that US Food and Beverage Instagrammers turn to Instagram throughout the day:

  1. After waking up
  2. While watching TV
  3. When I see something cool to share with others
  4. While shopping in a store/online store
  5. While engaging in a hobby

Instagram drives visible action and consideration in the purchase journey

56% choose Instagram over magazine when they want to ‘look for information on an interest

36% agree that with Instagram, ‘I feel more inspired to try new things related to food and beverage’

35% said they felt ‘more up-to-date‘ and ‘in-the-know’

25% agreed that they felt ‘more knowledgeable in things related to food and beverage

Marketer takeaways to help grow your business:

  1. Stay in tune and ahead of trends on Instagram“Research and look at user content from unique food and beverage hashtags to help understand your consumers’ behaviour on Instagram. Use those trends to play into your messaging, copy, and creative where relevant for your business.”

2. Target effectively

“Instagram has countless audiences you can target. Use audience insights (be sure to check out the insights in your Instagram business profile) to target who is interacting with your business. Chefs, travellers, moms, parents, and millennials are all audiences worth analysing if they resonate with your business’ current or potentially new customer.”

3. Connect the journey for customers

“Ensure your Instagram presence has related, on brand look and feel across all Instagram placements – organic and paid (within feed and stories). Video is a powerful way to connect the journey while storytelling.”

All findings from recent Instagram conference.

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