4 months ’til Christmas & 4 reasons to book your Influencers early

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2016 will be the Christmas of the Influencer

The huge growth of Instagram (58% growth since July 2014*) and the rise of the “Power Middle” Influencer will hugely impact the Christmas holiday shopping season this year.

Reaching your customers on mobile devices will become even more critical than ever before.

And with 63% of digital time spent on mobile devices in Australia** we can expect consumers will spend quite a bit of time discovering and researching the perfect gifts on their social media channels, primarily Instagram.

4 of our predictions for the fast approaching Christmas season


1.  The Best Talent Will Book Up Early

There is a limited amount of real estate on an Influencer’s feed over the 8 weeks leading up to Christmas and a finite number of exceptional content creators in each product category. Influencers will need to be very selective about which brands they work with and brands will ask for product and category exclusivity over the time period (and brands will be willing to pay for it).

At VAMP we have an in-house Talent Director who will hand select the Influencers who best align with your brand but many of these will get booked up with brands in the rush before Christmas. Now’s the time to start planning your campaigns so that you can get the best Talent to represent your brand. We’ll look after the rest so you can focus on your other marketing strategies in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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3. Costs Will Increase The Longer You Wait To Book

It’s the simple rule of supply and demand. The more in demand Influencers are the more likely they are to cut deals early but as the holiday season gets closer and they have more offers, expect rates to go up. They are savvy business people and will want to make the most of the increased demand for their creativity and audience.

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2. Product and Category Exclusivity Will Block Out The Competition

Savvy brands will contract and pay more for category or product exclusivity on the Talent’s social channels. This is already happening with some VAMP clients. They are blocking out their competitors from using in-demand Talent over key time periods. We expect this to happen more frequently in the lead up to Christmas.

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4. Content Only Deals Will Become More Common 

We predict that Talent will do “content only, no reach deals” for brands that want to leverage their creativity for brand “owned” or “paid” media as these Talent might not have the feed capacity to promote the brand on their Instagram. This can be a great deal for brands looking to get holiday content for their brand without having to pay for an expensive holiday themed shoot.

To find out more reasons why Influencers, or content creators as some are beginning to self-define themselves as, are your best freelance resource for brand content creation, read our article here.

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With VAMP you can commission creative content from our Influencers for many different purposes including Out of Home, use in EDMs, or, as in the case of the photo above, for use on Facebook advertising. This photo was not featured on our Talent’s Instagram. Instead, the Talent created a beautiful range of shots of the O&G product for the client to choose from. The Influencer then created 2 different paid posts to feature on their own Instagram account that was more in line with their own aesthetic (see below). This is a great example of working with Vamp Influencers to create eye-catching content for your brand, rather than just on their own social channels.

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