Why social users (and particularly Gen Z) love TikTok

TikTok has 883M global monthly active users So what’s all the fuss about? We spoke to a TikTok creator and Vamp’s Social Media Assistant to find out.
Why social users (and particularly Gen Z) love TikTok



It’s no exaggeration to say that the world has gone crazy for TikTok. 


The app has been downloaded in 150 countries and regions and there are 883M global monthly active users who, on average, open the app 15 times a day. That adds up to 71 minutes of use per day.

Even Maddy Johnston, Vamp’s Social Media Assistant is (unsurprisingly) obsessed. “My weekly screen time report just goes to show how addicted I am to TikTok. It’s always my most used app of the week and I usually spend an average of 2 hours a day scrolling through my FYP.”

But why? What keeps users hooked for over an hour a day watching and sharing short-form video content? We’re here to break it down for you in five, simple reasons.


#1 A fine-tuned algorithm


Over 71% of total app activity is spent in the primary ‘For you’ feed. That’s a feed of content, from people you don’t follow, but the algorithm thinks you’ll like. A bit like Instagram’s Explore feed. Since this is the feed presented to users when they first open their app – and quickly adapts to your watching behaviour – it gives you more of the stuff you like and less of the stuff you don’t. And can be seriously addictive!

The functionality of the FYP itself also contributes to the hours users spend on the app. The feed is designed for you to scroll through an endless amount of videos. There’s no waiting time between each TikTok, all you need to do is swipe up to watch the next one. 

Why social users (and particularly Gen Z) love TikTok

#2 Easy editing tools


38% of all users were creating at least one TikTok video in 2020. It’s easy-to-use editing tools allow everyone to be a creator. Users can find a sound, create and upload a clip in minutes. For a platform built on the spread of trending content, that is key. Nothing kills a joke like a slow come back and the speed in which TikTokers can turn their videos around, rules that out.

Of course, there are exceptions to that rule. Mind-bending videos like this are on the other end of the spectrum and can take hours to create!

TikTok allows creators to shoot, edit and upload content all in the one spot, which makes turning their ideas into content so much easier. “I love how easy it is to bring your ideas to life on TikTok.” says Vamp’s TikTok creator, lucasrodgerss. “It’s so simple to create quality videos with the app’s effects and editing features.” Lucas is close to 1M TikTok followers, has over 31M likes on the platform and has worked with Benefit Cosmetics on their latest TikTok campaign.


#3 More inclusivity


There’s less pressure to be perfect on TikTok, a criticism that is sometimes levelled at Instagram. This helps people feel ready to post more often, since they’re not trying to get the same highly polished look. Videos feel more raw, natural and inclusive. 3 of 4 people said that TikTok is a place where people can express themselves openly.

The app also caters to all types of people who all enjoy different types of content. TikTok isn’t an exclusive fashion app or sports platform – there are hundreds of different interests which makes the app so inclusive. “What I love about TikTok is that it’s such a versatile platform. There is space for every type of content and for everyone to share what they enjoy” says lucasrodgerss.

Why social users (and particularly Gen Z) love TikTok

#4 It’s where trends start


If you ask a Gen Zer if they’ve seen a social trend or challenge, or heard a popular new track, their answer will most likely be, “Yes, I’ve seen it on TikTok already!” The app is known for its popular trends and challenges that usually end up on other social media platforms later down the track. Take the What I’d wear front row fashion trend for example, where users reveal which outfits they’d wear to each designer runway show. The trend first started on TikTok and made it’s way over to Instagram Reels in a matter of weeks.

The fast-paced nature of the app and the ability for users to create their own sounds means new trends and challenges are created almost every week. Users love TikTok because it’s not only at the forefront of trends, but anyone can participate in them and grow their following as a result.  


#5 Humorous content  


Because TikTok provides users with a space for less polished and more spontaneous content, it’s one of the funnier platforms. Users will share their video outtakes, fails, funny skits and accidentally-captured content. Not only because TikTok is the place for these types of videos, but because it will most likely do well and reach the FYP. TikTokers love funny content and tend to make it go viral.

“As a TikTok-addicted Gen Zer, I use the app so much for it’s humor.” says Maddy.

“It’s the one social media platform that I use where it’s creators can make me laugh out loud. TikTok is the place I go to for relatable skits and trends, hilarious animal videos and unintentionally-funny content.” 

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