What’s trending on TikTok this September?

Discover the latest trends and tips on how your brand can join TikTok's trending conversations.
Whats trending on TikTok this September?


A fresh video transition for beauty lovers, one for nostalgia and viral video collages.


If you’re struggling to keep up, or you’re wondering how to make these trends work for your brand, we have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing: Vamp’s TikTok Trend Report. Your cheat sheet on the four biggest trends, right now.

Below you’ll discover what they are, why they’ve gone viral, and how your brand can join the trending conversations.

Aesthetic video collages


What is it?

A new video editing technique is going viral and it’s bringing collages back in fashion. Typically set to this trending sound, creators use a new trending editing technique to curate and highlight their latest and greatest pieces of content from everyday life or recent holidays. 

Why is it trending?

It’s the latest trend to tap into our obsession with aesthetics and allows participants to express their creativity through something so nostalgic as image collages.

Who should jump on it?

Any brand, but particularly fashion, beauty, travel, or home decor brands, can partner with creators to tap into this trend and promote their latest campaign or collection.

Personal #InAndOutList


What is it?

Set to this trending song and using the hashtag #inandoutlist, creators are curating their own personal ‘in and out of fashion’ lists. Some are controversial, some are relatable, and some are just downright funny because it’s from a dog’s perspective.

Why is it trending?

TikTok users love a low-production trend that’s easy for anyone to participate in. Creating these lists is fun and simple, and they spark conversations within the comments.

Who should jump on it?

Any brand can join this trending conversation and tailor it to their niche. Just make sure your #inandoutlist feels relatable to your brand. Take @intentionskincare for example. Their version of this trend was highly relatable to their skincare-loving audience.

‘Mask off’ beauty transition


What is it?

Beauty creators are using Future’s ‘Mask off’ in a new trending video transition. In-sync with the lyrics, creators take their ‘masks off’ to reveal their glow ups or creative makeup looks. 

Why is it trending?

Transitions have been highly popular on the app for years, but this one is the latest and greatest catching users’ attention.  

Who should jump on it?

This trend is perfect for beauty brands to jump on with the help of beauty creators. Use the hype currently surrounding this transition to highlight how your products can be used by customers to achieve their creative makeup looks.

My ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ photos


What is it?

This latest nostalgic-driven trend encourages creators to relive iconic ‘teenage dirtbag’ style photos from their past. 

Why is it trending?

Celebs like Terry Crews and Paris Hilton have amplified this trend by taking their audience on a trip down memory lane.

Who should jump on it?

Legacy brands have a huge opportunity to join this trending conversation. Your ‘teenage dirtbag’ photos could be of your very first store opening or what your products used to look like. Your audience will love the nostalgia! Alternatively, you could use this trend to highlight your team members and drive interest in your company if you’re currently hiring.

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