What’s trending on TikTok this May?

Discover the latest trends and tips on how your brand can join TikTok's trending conversations.
What’s trending on TikTok this May?

There’s a hot new travel trend going viral, a fresh beauty trend for colour-lovers, and more! 


If you’re struggling to keep up, or you’re wondering how to make these trends work for your brand, we have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing: Vamp’s TikTok Trend Report. Your cheat sheet on the four biggest trends, right now.

Below you’ll discover what they are, why they’ve gone viral, and how your brand can join the trending conversations.

Introducing: Colourful under eyes


What is it?

The colourful under eye makeup trend (started by @naezrah) has beauty creators applying bright, colourful pigment under their eyes. Creators are jumping at the chance to recreate the trending look and post tutorials for their audience.

Why is it trending?

This beauty trend is going viral for all the right reasons. It’s a simple trick that’s turning everyday looks into bold statements.

Who should jump on it?

Makeup brands, specifically those who sell bright pigments and eyeshadows, can partner with creators to showcase how their products will help beauty lovers achieve this trending look.


new transition + bright undereyes but make it color 🙂 pink is next then yellow then…well you guys know the rainbow is coming ☆ 。o○☆

♬ original sound – 🎧💌 — sᴘᴇᴇᴅʏ

The hottest new travel trend


What is it?

Using their laptops, creators pretend to play and pause a clip from their recent travels. Then to the beat of this song, a montage of beautiful footage from their holiday plays out.

Why is it trending?

It’s tapping into our wanderlust and making us dream of visiting places like Paris, New York, Guatemala, Thailand, and Bali. Not to mention, any trend that features a cool transition and a banger of a song never fails to go viral on TikTok.

Who should jump on it?

Travel and tourist brands but also event planning and hospitality brands can recreate this trend with influencer-generated content. It can also be tailored to other niches. See how we’ve tapped into this trend.

Re-live the #MetGala on TikTok


What is it?

For the rest of May, we’re expecting our entire feed to be full of Met content. Using #MetGala, creators share their opinions on each look, their re-creations of their fave looks, and of course the hilarious memes that arise from the big night.

Why is it trending?

Considered as the biggest night of the year for the fashion industry, The Met Gala is a relevant and trending pop-culture moment that social users will be speaking about for weeks to come

Who should jump on it?

Fashion brands, but also beauty brands have the opportunity to partner with creators and re-create the best red carpet looks from the night with their products.

And the best part is?#NoOneCanStopMe


What is it?

Using the “Tiny Bee” effect and this audio, creators are sharing something they’re going to do, without anyone stopping them. Whether it be going shopping with no budget or ordering Uber Eats with an entire fridge full of food.

Why is it trending?

It’s another hilariously relatable trend that can be made relevant to any niche or topic.

Who should jump on it?

Any brand can join in on this trending conversation and make their take relatable and relevant to their audience. For example, a retailer could tap into this trend to encourage shoppers to add all their wishlist items to their cart and checkout.


My boyfriend can eat the fridge food

♬ original sound – Charlie Mosey

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