What’s trending on TikTok this March?

Discover the latest trends and tips on how your brand can join the trending conversations.
whats trending on tiktok this march

The latest trend to emerge from our nostalgia obsession, a fresh challenge for creatives, and more! 


If you’re struggling to keep up, or you’re wondering how to make these trends work for your brand, we have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing: Vamp’s TikTok Trend Report. Your cheat sheet on the four biggest trends, right now.

Below you’ll discover what they are, why they’ve gone viral, and how your brand can join the trending conversations.

Glow up from 2018 to 2022


What is it?

Using this viral audio, creators share the evolution and progression of their social media feeds, personal style, fitness growth, and more from the last four years.

Why is it trending?

Everyone loves a glow-up or taking a trip down memory lane, and this trend encapsulates these ideas in a fresh and aspirational way.

Who should jump on it?

Legacy brands who have gone through a rebrand can jump on this trend to highlight their growth. It’s also a great way to show off the evolution of one of your longest-selling products or to partner with creators who can showcase the changes they’ve experienced from using your products.


my instagram feed is my child go follow if u want :’)

♬ House of the Rising Sun – sourwing_anti_cancer

Pick somebody else!


What is it?

Creators are using this trending sound to show off their go-to shoes, makeup products, items of clothing, and more.

Why is it trending?

This trend allows users to connect through their comfort products. Not to mention, the reveal of the worn-in and well-loved product offers viewers a humorous and relatable twist!

Who should jump on it?

Brands with household-name products that make consumers feel comfortable. Specifically makeup brands, shoe and clothing brands, and food and drink brands where people tend to stick to their go-to’s. 


it’ll do it for me every single time😩

♬ original sound – Julian Hagins

What I’d be if I were…


What is it?

How would you describe yourself through images? This latest trend has creators describing their personalities through images of drinks, food, locations, songs, and more. 

Why is it trending?

Sometimes, words just don’t do us justice. So this trend allows creators to describe themselves or a loved one through the power of images.

Who should jump on it?

Brands who rely on taste or smell to sell their products, such as coffee brands and perfume brands. You can tap into this trend to describe how your product smells or tastes through the use of beautiful imagery, shot by content creators.


she’s my sun ☀️@angelicafloral ib: @Savanah Walker

♬ original sound – bigzitti

So… You’re an artist?


What is it?

Using this trending audio by @tejxpatel, creators are showing off their best makeup looks, artwork, home DIYs, and more. Some have also comically jumped on this trend to share their #fails.

Why is it trending?

It gives creators the space to highlight their incredible work. And whether it’s a hobby or profession, the artistic ability of creators is captivating to viewers.

Who should jump on it?

Any creative brand or business can adopt this trend to their niche by partnering with creators who can showcase how your products help them create their art.

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