What’s trending on TikTok this July?

Discover the latest trends and tips on how your brand can join TikTok's trending conversations.
Whats trending on TikTok this July?

Emma Chamberlain sparks a new trending sound for fashion lovers and another new travel trend is feeding into our wanderlust.


If you’re struggling to keep up, or you’re wondering how to make these trends work for your brand, we have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing: Vamp’s TikTok Trend Report. Your cheat sheet on the four biggest trends, right now.

Below you’ll discover what they are, why they’ve gone viral, and how your brand can join the trending conversations.

I’ve got 99 problems but a look ain’t one


What is it?

Using this trending audio, creators ask their audience if they’re having outfit, makeup or baking problems. Then, in sync with the track, they show off their skills to prove their talent in the space.  

Why is it trending?

Creators love to be given the opportunity to show off their talent and skills. And viewers love giving praise where it’s due. Plus, any trend that features a catchy track never fails to go viral on TikTok.

Who should jump on it?

Beauty, fashion, food and even homeware brands can partner with creators to jump on this trend and highlight all their best looks or meals they’ve been able to create using your products.

Moments when life felt surreal


What is it?

You know that strange feeling you get when you’re driving to the airport at 5AM and it’s still dark outside? Well, this new trend is all about capturing and sharing those moments when life feels surreal.

Why is it trending?

It feeds into our wanderlust and obsession with nostalgia by making us reminisce on all the surreal life moments we’ve ever experienced.

Who should jump on it?

This trend is perfect for brands in the travel and tourism industries. We suggest using this trend to highlight the surreal life moments your customers will feel when they travel with your brand.


some of my favorite moments #fyp

♬ original sound – Finley

Emma Chamberlain’s summer dress code


What is it?

In one of Emma Chamberlain’s recent podcast episodes, the famous YouTuber explains her summer dress code. The recording has since been layered over the top of a soothing lo-fi beat to create this new trending TikTok sound. Fashion creators are using the sound to share their take on Emma’s summer look.

Why is it trending?

Emma Chamberlain is loved for her unique style and is known for starting many fashion trends. So any chance creators get to dress like her, they take it and run with it.

Who should jump on it?

Fashion brands should partner with creators to highlight how shoppers can achieve the ‘Emma Chamberlain look’ with your products.

The moment vs the photos


What is it?

Creators are using this trending audio to highlight a special moment, which is then followed by a montage of images that were shot during that moment.

Why is it trending?

A sped-up version of ABBA’s Chiquitita has been trending on TikTok, so this new remix with Elton John’s ‘Benny and The Jets’ was no doubt perfect for a new TikTok trend. Especially one that allows creators to show off their best work.

Who should jump on it?

This trend can be tailored to any brand, niche, or interest. For example, a jewellery brand could use it to share content from their latest campaign shoot, while a popular venue or restaurant could use it to re-share UGC that has been shot in their establishment. Watch our version.

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