What’s trending on TikTok this December?

Discover the latest trend that's tapping into our nostalgia and why creators are sharing 'unrealistic Christmas lists'.
Whats trending on TikTok this December?

The year is slowly coming to an end, but the TikTok trend cycle isn’t.


If you’re struggling to keep up, or you’re wondering how to make these viral trends work for your brand, we have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing: Vamp’s TikTok Trend Report. Your cheat sheet on the five biggest trends, right now.

Below you’ll discover what they are, why they’ve gone viral and how your brand could join the trending conversations.

#BackInTheDay Challenge


What is it?

Creators use this trending audio to highlight something that they miss and used to enjoy.

Why has it gone viral?

Nostalgia is trending and this is the latest TikTok trend that has social users reminiscing on the past, creating highly relatable content for others to reflect on.

Who should jump on it?

Any brand could reflect back on their most iconic product drop or campaign to join this social conversation and take their audience on a trip down memory lane.

#IAmWoman I am fearless


What is it?

Women have been using this audio to show videos or images of times they felt what the lyrics describe. Dog accounts have also jumped on the trend in a more comedic way.

Why has it gone viral?

The song is an original track by TikTok creator @emmymelimusic and it’s powerful lyrics have allowed women across the platform to showcase their positive inner self perceptions.

Who should jump on it?

Brands who consider women empowerment to be a priority and part of their brand story and identity.


pretty sure this will be baby girl’s morning mantra 💘 #iamwoman

♬ I AM WOMAN – ❦ emmy meli ❦

Unrealistic Christmas lists


What is it?

Creators are using this sound to share their unrealistic Christmas lists. Some share pricey wish-lists, while others use dark humour and ask for things like ‘a boy that treats me right’.

Why has it gone viral?

It’s a highly relevant trend that users find funny and relatable.

Who should jump on it?

Any brand could jump on this trend ironically, and either wish for their entire collection, or something completely unattainable that will make their audience laugh. For example, a retail business could ask for a long holiday shutdown. Watch our take on the trend here.

Uh pretend, like Rihanna


What is it?

Using this track of singer Rihanna, creators shoot a beauty transition video. They start out not looking or feeling confident, then with a smooth transition and bold makeup look, their confidence starts to show… Or does it just help them pretend?

Why has it gone viral?

Users love seeing an authentic side to creators, and this trend allows creators to share that raw side with their audience.

Who should jump on it?

Beauty brands could partner with creators to showcase how their products can give consumers that confidence boost.


#fyp ❤️ Love my Hair by @pastellbeautybar #thankyouLord

♬ Pretend TheBossWives – szgcouture

My three lives. What are yours?


What is it?

This new trend encourages users to share the different lives they live. Using this track, they create three montages that highlight aspects of their three different lives.

Why has it gone viral?

It allows creators to share a side of themselves that their TikTok audience may not know about. That element of surprise is what makes a video perform.

Who should jump on it?

Retailers who sell products in three different verticals or fashion brands that cater to three different aesthetics could tap into this trend to show off their diverse collections.


ignore my baby hairs


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