Vamp kicks off 2021 with new TikTok Marketing Partnership

Vamp has become an official Creative Marketing Partner of TikTok! Learn more about this exciting partnership.
Vamp kicks off 2021 with new TikTok Marketing Partnership

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Influencer marketing and social content platform, Vamp, have received an official certification to become a Creative Marketing Partner of TikTok.


The partnership will allow new and existing Vamp clients to access the brand engagement and conversion opportunities available on TikTok, a platform that Vamp co-founder Aaron Brooks said has “become impossible for marketers to ignore”.

Vamp’s community of creators generate engaging and creative content. In collaborating with them, brands can now create authentic, native content then amplify that into targeted ads, through TikTok’s suite of ad formats. These solutions give clients the opportunity to connect with TikTok’s users.

“Last year, TikTok was one of the top-five most-downloaded apps globally (that wasn’t owned by Facebook) and the coronavirus pandemic has seen its reach extend even further,” Brooks added.

“People of all ages seeking connection and entertainment in lockdown have gravitated towards its fun content and more and more of our clients have been keen to explore what’s possible.”

Brands of all types, including Sheridan and  Benefit Cosmetics have recently run effective TikTok campaigns on the Vamp platform. By collaborating with Vamp creators, who have already built engaged audiences, they can be at the forefront of trends and reach customers with content that resonates in this unique space.

Now this insider knowledge can now be combined with TikTok’s ad targeting and measurement capabilities, it gives brands the best of both worlds.

This partnership marks the start of another big year for Vamp. Last year, they announced their $8.5m funding raise and the launch of their self-serve platform. They had three record quarters and became profitable. Meanwhile their creative community were able to continue creating world-class social content throughout the pandemic. Thousands of influencers, across 36 countries, created over 101K pieces of paid content which was of such high-quality, Vamp celebrated it with a global Lockdown Creativity Awards

Thanks to their effective ad creation and innovative strategies, Vamp also won Facebook’s APAC Innovation Challenge, after achieving a 43x ROAS for their client West Elm.


Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.