Vamp assists The Australian Influencer Marketing Council

How Vamp has been assisting The Australian Influencer Marketing Council
Vamp assists The Australian Influencer Marketing Council

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCo) was established this week.


It aims to develop best practice standards, in line with new guidelines, improving transparency and promoting positive marketing outcomes for influencer marketing.

Vamp has assisted The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) in its research.

Vamp’s Co-Founder Aaron Brooks said: “Vamp, along with other industry representation, met with the AMAA last month to share our insights. Vamp has always been dedicated to promoting an authentic and effective process to give our clients confidence in the channel. As the market matures, we support guidance that promotes an increasingly professional marketing channel”.


Marketer confidence and trust


With Vamp’s closed and vetted community of influencers and creators, brands are able to put their trust in the talent they collaborate with. Vamp clients are safe in the knowledge that they meet high standards of professionalism, quality content creation and authenticity. We use proprietary technology to detect fake following and engagement, ensuring influencers on our platform are free from bot activity.


Industry best practice


The talent on Vamp’s platform are able to opt into the campaign opportunities they feel passionate about and decline the ones they don’t. Brands are free to choose the creators that resonate with them. We believe authentic and successful campaigns come from genuine collaborations.


Positive outcomes


Vamp campaigns are results driven. As a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, we uphold best practise standards and benefit from superior insights. This data powers our high-performing strategies. We know that to make marketers truly believe in the channel, you have to show them results.

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