UAE influencers get media licence with Vamp

Vamp is the first to provide UAE influencers with a media licence
Vamp-UAE media licence

Vamp is the first to provide UAE influencers with a media licence

In the past week, the well-publicised regulations effecting UAE influencers have come into effect. In order to continue promoting products or businesses, a mandatory media licence is now required costing AED 15,000 – and failure to comply will result in fines.

But we have some fantastic news.

Through our amazing partner – Motivate Media Group – and their extensive consultation with the National Media Council (NMC) it has been decided that Vamp will be the first entity that has the official ability to license influencers through the Vamp platform.

So what does that mean for you?

Once you are officially ‘NMC registered’ on the Vamp app you no longer need to worry about paying AED 15,000 for a media license, or worry about going through the red tape requirements of setting up a trade license. You are completely covered.

We know what you’re thinking… sounds too good to be true!  What’s the catch….?

As part of the agreement with the National Media Council, it is required that all of our influencers are registered exclusively to the Vamp app.


Yeah that’s right, you’ll only be able to rep brands on your social accounts if the brief comes through the Vamp app.  But don’t worry, we understand that some of you have great relationships with brands direct and we don’t want you to miss out on working with them.

So we’ve added a facility to the platform which allows you to still work with these brands, via the Vamp app, without us getting in the way too much…whilst ensuring any commercial content is still within the NMC guidelines, protecting both you and the brands.

We know you’re going to have lots of questions and we have more information we will be sharing with you over the coming days. But for now, we hope you’re as excited as we are!


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