TikTok trend report October 2023

Your monthly roundup of the biggest trends on TikTok this month
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Seldom do cats, keyboards and Halloween costumes command viewing figures some TV stations could only dream of.

But this is TikTok and that’s exactly what happened on the video-sharing giant in October.

So whether you’re an influencer, brand or marketer keen to cash in on the latest trends but don’t know where to start, Vamp has put together a list of what’s hot right now so you can keep things ticking along.

Huh cat meme trend

@paywithclick like wdym #click #office #work #deaf #huh #huhcat #capcut #Meme #MemeCut #ksi #tomyfury #misfits #foryoupage ♬ original sound – PayWithClick

What is it?

In a world that moves so rapidly, confusion remains a constant. So what better way to clear things up than a cat purporting to say: huh?

TikTok users have been busy drawing up baffling situations they would find themselves confused in, but with the black and white feline muttering the three-letter reply.

One example includes: “Me at work whenever I’m not given step by step crystal clear instructions.”

Another, perhaps more relatable example includes: “Your drunk friend is talking to you and you’re not drunk enough to understand.”

Viewing figures for some of the clips have gone into the millions so, no matter how silly you may find it, brands and influencers should stop and paws (we’ll see ourselves out).

Why is it trending?

It appears the clip first surfaced on BenChonkyCat. The four-legged pet commands a staggering 2 million followers with 47.3million likes at the time of writing.

TikTok users, using CapCut, seem to be having an easy time lifting the clip and editing it onto different templates.

Who should jump on?

Cats seem to be a symbol of the 21st century meme, and that trend is showing no signs of slowing down almost two decades on from YouTube’s infancy.

Influencers can cash in on this one if they’re looking to answer key, light-hearted questions their audience would appreciate clarity on.

For brands, this could be a chance to advertise your product by highlighting why the customer needs it in the first place.

Suppose the potential customer is overwhelmed by the latest fashion trends but doesn’t know how to piece together an outfit. The cat’s “Huh” could be a good bridge to your latest designs.

Or perhaps a TikTok video shows someone struggling with a problem a brand’s product could solve. A viral, recognisable sound of confusion could be the buzz trend to stop them swiping up.

And B2B businesses, too, could use the meme tongue-in-cheek to relate to client feedback. “When the client delivers feedback from their 15 internal stakeholders” the potential TiktTok may begin. And just like that, “Huh” will do its thing.

So from fashion trends to cooking and music, it’s never a bad idea to experiment with new ways to answer queries.

You can find more on TikTok influencer marketing with Vamp here.

Aggressive typing trend

@kennedyibrownyes we do♬ original sound – Meme page

What is it?

The scene is someone on their computer typing as the tempo of this sound kicks in.

Before you know it, the person is violently hammering the keyboard in a bout of faux rage, with angsty facial expressions to match.

TikTok creators have been thinking up inventive situations where the scenario is befitting, and they’re certainly having fun doing it.

In one example, a suffering girlfriend looking for presents writes: “When I Google ‘gifts for him’ and only get watches, wallets and whiskey.”

In another, a student says: “When the deadline gets dangerously close, so it finally motivates me enough to start the assignment (I had three months).”

Why is it trending?

For TikTok creators, it’s a super-fast formula (most videos don’t last more than 20 seconds) to command new and existing attention spans.

Most are witty, fun and addictive, with various scenarios thrown into the mix.

Fashion influencers are among those getting in on the action, with one woman frantically applying make-up to the words: “There’s a Halloween party tonight and we don’t have costumes.”

Who should jump on?

Brands may take particular note of this example depicting an unhappy employee, with the words: “Me hopping on Indeed after every inconvenience at my job.”

In short, it’s a light-hearted opportunity to highlight stressors people struggle with before directing them to a fix.

Brands advertising solution-based websites could find fertile ground here. And for influencers it’s a lightning-fast, smooth way to demonstrate your skill set.

Shopping, make-up, social media, pets and parenting are just some of the topics that found themselves the subject of this meme in October.

It’s one of those memes you sense will continue to sweep screens for the long-haul, so now is the time to think up your own ideas.

If you need more information on TikTok advertising, Vamp is here to help.


@budgetingmumofficial Halloween on a budget 🕷️ How to make Halloween decorations from a bin bag! I absolutely don’t agree with spending £100’s on events like Halloween, it’s the perfect time to get creative with the kids and make decorations together. Save this for later 🕷️ #halloween2023 #halloweenonabudget #halloweencrafts #halloweencraftsforkids #fyp #budgetingmum ♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song – PeriTune

What is it?

At risk of stating the obvious, we couldn’t put together a round-up of October’s hottest trends without mentioning Halloween.

According to TikTok’s own database of trends, the #TikTokHalloween hashtag was ranked fifth for the past 30 days (at the time of writing) with 39,000 posts and 42million views.

Naturally the hashtag has found itself a home on videos flaunting costumes, make-up, dance routines, decorations and food.

But TikTok users are thinking up creative ways to use the hashtag in the run-up to the spooky night.

So if you’re a brand or influencer, don’t be scared of giving it a go.

Why is it trending?

A chance to dress-up, party and be a bit silly for a night: you’ll need no introduction to why Halloween is so popular.

But it’s still worth paying attention to who has been successful in using the trend on TikTok, and why.

Brands have been using the trend to flaunt their special offers in the run-up, with scores of views to show for it, and influencers in the world of fashion have wasted no time in offering their ideas.

Thanks to the cost of living crisis, energy bills and food prices may be the scariest thing about Halloween this year.

But this example, titled Halloween on a Budget with more than 200,000 likes, goes to show people are still determined to spook.

Who should jump on?

Fashion influencers and make-up artists are among those who should pay the closest attention.

In this example, fashion influencer Lacey Tanner racks up 172,000 likes with her video named: “10 Halloween costume ideas”.

Workout Barbie, Suki from Fast & Furious and Wednesday Addams are the outfits displayed – with nearly 30,000 bookmarks demonstrating how much this market has been cornered.

The hashtag would best serve creators looking to put together last-minute content, flaunting their ideas from costumes to food.

‘I Do Not Take Pictures of my Meals’

@glamourmag #MillieBobbyBrown will NOT post a photo of her food, thank you very much. 😤 At the link in bio, the actor, author, and makeup mogul gives us an inside look at how she uses her phone. #FoodTok #PenneAllaVodka #GlamourWOTY ♬ original sound – Glamour

Fans of irony will love this one.

A few weeks back, Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown made headlines following her mini-rant about refusing to take pictures of her food: ‘Oh, I do not take pictures of my meals,” she fumed.

“That is where I draw the line. My camera does not eat first, I think it’s just ridiculous.”

TikTok users have been quick to lift the sound of her words and put it alongside images of, you guessed it, their food.

But the goal here seems to be for users to share their most delicious meals: from creamy pasta dishes to mouth-watering desserts.

Audiences are also being taken inside super swanky restaurants too, so it’s safe to say creators are serving up a treat.

Why is it trending?

Food will always be a recipe for engagement, but make it witty and visually appealing and you’re getting into chef’s kiss territory.

Some of the dishes on show look genuinely delicious and not recommended on an empty stomach.

Who should jump on?

Influencers and brands working in food are sure to find opportunities for success here.

It’s a great chance to link audiences to recipes and restaurants.

The juxtaposition of Brown’s insistent, stubborn voice playing atop an image of food you can’t resist is a winning combination.


@caressmd Replying to @ameli my skin barriers fav @cosrx_official ad #amazon #blackfriday #cosrx #tiktokmademebuyit #skinbarrier #snailmucin #snailduoshot ♬ original sound – Spedupluvr

What is it?

While the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend is not new to October, brands and marketers are wasting no time at all in exploiting the hashtag for Black Friday ahead of the yearly sale bonanza.

Creators have been combining the trend with a #BlackFriday hashtag, with hundreds of thousands of likes to boot.

Everything from clothes to beauty products to lighters and toothpaste holders have appeared alongside the two hashtags.

Why is it trending?

With Black Friday not officially launching until late November, this trend is only heading in one, very lucrative direction.

TikTok format is a ripe opportunity to brands to demonstrate the usefulness of their products, and this is particularly applicable to household items working on the promise of a solution, or in TikTok terms, a #LifeHack

Amazon are among those cashing in on the trend, with its #AmazonFinds tag joining the party.

Who should join?

Brands with anything to sell, or influencers associated with anything to sell, will find golden opportunities around every corner here.

For influencers, simply film yourself using a product and how it helps before publishing with the hashtags #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and #BlackFriday.

Link to the product in your bio, and off you go.

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