TikTok adds Vamp to the TikTok Marketing Partner program

Vamp now offers brands access to first-party TikTok data! Learn more about what this means.
TikTok adds Vamp to the TikTok Marketing Partner program

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Vamp’s customers now have access to first-party data that will make running campaigns with TikTok easier and more effective, helping brands get the most from the world’s most downloaded app.

Brands who work with Vamp can now obtain TikTok creator’s insights in a more automated and scalable way. They can now identify relevant creators within Vamp’s vetted community and make data-driven decisions based on their audience insights. All of Vamp’s creators are added to the TikTok Creator Marketplace, giving you peace of mind that they’re not only trusted by and in compliance with Vamp’s standards, but TikTok’s too. 

Brands will also benefit from clear, verified performance metrics and can monitor views, likes, shares, comments and engagement, to identify high-performing content and accurately measure the campaign’s success. These performance insights also help brands determine which high-performing content pieces should be amplified using TikTok’s Spark Ads – an ad solution that can be utilised via the Vamp platform. 

“TikTok has become a platform impossible for marketers to ignore, but creator discovery and campaign measurement remain two of their biggest opportunities.” Said Vamp’s Co-Founder Aaron Brooks.

“Vamp’s badging as a TikTok Marketing Partner and integrating with the TikTok Creator Marketplace takes the guesswork out. We’re excited to bring our customers who have already seen success on our platform, like Adobe, Estée Lauder and Benefit Cosmetics, new clarity and capabilities. It’ll also allow creators to recognize the power of their insights, prove their influence and save them time taking endless screenshots of analytics.”

“Creators are the lifeblood of our platform and we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands,’’ added Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok. ‘’We’re thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way.”

Vamp has combined this integration with existing tools that help to streamline TikTok campaigns. Vamp’s platform offers brands easy briefing templates and its algorithm competitively prices TikTok creators for maximum opt-ins. Management tools minimise admin and results are collated in a centralised dashboard. And if the self-service option isn’t for you, they offer an end-to-end campaign management solution, where you can save your time and have your TikTok campaign handled by Vamp directly. This option still gives you authority over content approvals, without needing the time to coordinate your creators.

Talent managers can now also use the Vamp talent management platform as they begin working with their roster of talent. This allows brands and advertising agencies to manage all of their influencers in one convenient and central location, from micro to macro.

Estée Lauder Companies is one of the many brands who have used the Vamp platform to connect with creators for a TikTok campaign. Roopa Pandit, Brand Lead, BECCA said: “The process was seamless, simple and highly effective. The influencer options were vast, allowing us to strategically choose talent who spoke perfectly to our brand and our specific launches. We were thrilled with the exceptional, above benchmark results and ROI.”

The creator economy is growing fast and the rapid rise of TikTok creators plays a significant role. More than 50 million people around the world now consider themselves a creator, according to Signal Fire. Vamp’s platform supports both sides of this economy, giving creators a way to monetise their content and connecting brands with creators they can trust to deliver on their marketing goals.

Vamp customers in more than sixty five countries are now able to access these TikTok insights including: Australia, UK, Singapore, UAE, Japan and USA.  

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