The Vamp Debrief: What’s new in social marketing this June?

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The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this June?

A couple made wedding history on Clubhouse, Cristiano Ronaldo costs Coca-Cola $5.2 billion and a new study shows Gen Z prioritises skincare over makeup.


We’ve made it to the middle of 2021, can you believe it?! Time flies when the world of social media marketing keeps you on your toes. To catch up, scroll down to download the full Vamp Debrief and find out every update digital marketers need to know. Here’s a sneak peek…

Reels ads have arrived


Reels ads are now available in all regions, providing an exciting amplification option for branded content.


Gen Z swap make up for skincare


41% of Gen Z now put skincare as their top beauty category, prioritising it over makeup. 


Branded Content gets a refresh


Creators can tag up to two brands as a paid partner and brands have access to more insights with Branded Content Reels and IG lives.


Ronaldo’s influence


When Cristiano Ronaldo replaced two bottles of Coke for a bottle of water during a press conference, it cost the brand a drop in share price of $5.2 billion.


Sound stops the scroll


73% of Kantar survey respondents said they would “stop and look” at ads on TikTok with audio, a significantly higher rate than any other platform.


Facebook invests in Shops


New additions to Facebook Shops include Shops on WhatsApp, shop listings added to Marketplace and ‘Visual Search’.

Brands celebrate togetherness


According to Wunderman Thompson, brand ads are tapping into our homesicknesses and lack of human touch with signs of togetherness.


Googles strikes the right note


Google’s new UK ad asks “What Are You Searching For This Summer?” While showing glimpses of life going back to normal.


Instagram ‘fan club’ in testing


IG’s ‘fan club’ stories would enable users to post exclusive Stories that can only be viewed by members of a fan club or approved group. 


Clubhouse’s first wedding


A couple made history on Clubhouse, becoming the first to get married on the platform. 27,000 listeners tuned in to the two-hour ceremony.


Convenience is king


According to a new report from Facebook, 66% say convenience is the reason they’ll choose one retailer over another.


Travel’s slow road to recovery


Globally, a third of those surveyed by TripAdvisor say they have already booked one vacation this year and half are planning to do so.

YouTube’s new analytics options


YouTubers have a new daily post metrics deep-dive report and can see data on what other channels and videos their audience watches via mobile.


Businesses AR future predicted


78% of people, say AR is a fun way to interact with brands, and 75% of all business owners expect to be using AR technology in the next two years.


IG’s new creator affiliate feature


Instagram announced that a native affiliate program is on the horizon which helps creators earn a commission off their recommendations. 


Pinterest predicts a ‘Greenaissance’


Pinterest users are 70% more likely to seek out local brands or produce than non-Pinners, and 80% are trying to buy more sustainably made products.


IG debunks algorithm myths


Instagram says the algorithm uses ‘key signals’ to determine what you’re shown. But IG is looking to put suggested posts in user feeds.


Twitter says cinemas are in


Twitter’s new insights series looks at the latest media and entertainment trends, with the first overview focusing on the opening of cinemas and how users are responding.

Changing of the Vidcon guard


TikTok is to become the major sponsor of VidCon 2021, taking over from YouTube, which has been the headline supporter of the event since 2013.


Instagram adds desktop features


Insights for individual posts on desktop are in testing, along with the long-awaited option to create and post from desktop. 


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The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this June?
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