The Vamp Debrief: What’s new in social marketing this August?

Get up to speed on the latest social updates and marketing stories from August, with The Vamp Debrief.

Major beauty brands have entered the gaming world, Instagram busts more algorithms myths and is TikTok lengthening their video limits – again!?


Once again, another month has flown and more social updates and news stories have dropped. In case you missed any, The Vamp Debrief is back to keep you in the loop! To catch up, scroll down to download the full Vamp Debrief. Here’s a sneak preview…

The death of swipe ups


Come August 30, Instagram’s ‘swipe up’ story function will be removed replaced with a new ‘Link’ sticker.


More shopping options on TikTok


TikTok expands its relationship with Shopify and launches a new Shop Tab.


Beauty brands tap into gaming


With the number of female gamers now sitting at 46%, beauty brands like MAC and Glossier are taking notice.

The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this August?
The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this August?

Platform giants hand out ad tips


Instagram advises brands on how to maximise their ad performance and TikTok shares a new marketing guide for SMBs.


Insta’s algorithms explained


Instagram shared how the Reels algorithm works and revealed that search results are personalized too.


Longer TikToks – and Stories


TikTok jumps on the Stories bandwagon with ‘TikTok Stories’ and starts new tests for 5-minute long videos.

A shifting luxury market


According to new GWI research, Gen Z now represent a greater share of the luxury market than Gen X and Baby Boomers.


The rise of photo dumping


Trend alert: Everyone we know is photo dumping on Instagram! Learn what this means.


Insta replicates TikTok’s audio tab


You’ll find a new Audio tab when you go to search for something on Instagram.

The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this August?
The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this August?

Introducing the genuinfluencers


They’re creators who use their platforms beyond product placement and instead, spread important information.


New AiMCO gifting guidelines


Aussie creators must now ensure they disclose when a product has been gifted, in the same way they would an ad.


Higher-quality Instagram videos


Instagram is working to increase the resolution of videos recorded in the app from 720p to 1080p.

Snapchat, the new Google?


‘Snapchat Trends’, highlights the most popular keywords shared with the Snapchat community via public Stories and My Stories.


TikTok glitches on an Amazon ad


When this Amazon ad popped up on the FYP, it had users scratching their heads. Twitter users shared the strange ad to later find out what really happened.


More YouTube SEO opportunities


YouTube adds new video chapters in search, enabling users to narrow their search down to a specific ‘chapter’ of a video.


More social safety features


Instagram rolls our ‘Hidden Words’ and ‘Limits’ to all users, and TikTok released a handful of new safety tools to protect teens.


Facebook takes on Zoom


‘Horizon Workrooms Virtual Reality’ is Facebook’s new collaboration space where colleagues can meet as an avatar.


Spotted: Reels on Facebook


Tests started that enable users to create and share Reels within the main Facebook app.

Trip down Google memory lane


To celebrate Google Trends’ 15th birthday, the search engine took us back in time to compare top Google searches from 2006 with 2021.


Earn $10k a month on YouTube


Creators with the best performing Shorts each month can earn between $100 – $10,000 with YouTubes Shorts fund.


Scammers ban IG users for cash


Instagram’s investigating an emerging underground industry whereby users can pay scammers to ban anyone on Instagram.


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