The benefit of ongoing influencer partnerships

Hear from a Vamp creator why she prefers repeat campaigns, and how we've had success with ongoing influencer partnerships in the past
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Brands investing in repeat influencer collaborations are building ongoing relationships – and it’s adding up to some big results.


Brands know that an ‘always on’ influencer strategy is beneficial when it comes to remaining relevant on social media, building an audience and keeping customers engaged. But increasingly, they’re taking that further and repeatedly engaging the same influencers in their campaigns. Working with them multiple times throughout the year.

The value in reengaging influencers lies in authenticity and optimisation. If an influencer promotes a brand consistently, it shows a genuine affinity to that brand. This resonates with followers and builds trust and believability. It also allows the brand to learn what performs best, so they can continue to optimise and drive the best results. 

I’m a big believer in building relationships with influencers. From a customer perspective, if you see someone posting about a product or brand only once it doesn’t feel authentic. We often engage the same influencers and work on building a genuine, friendly relationship with them. If they're doing a great job, why wouldn't we use them again?

Stacie Hickey, Assistant Marketing Manager, Big W

The benefit of ongoing influencer partnerships



If an influencer continues to promote your brand, sharing new products from every season and engaging in different product promotions throughout the year, it indicates a genuine love and interest for a brand and can make the campaign more effective. Audiences are more likely to believe the influencer and invest in their recommendation. Rather than feeling they have just been paid to promote it.

This approach also holds benefits for creators. @nimiblackwell explains: “Working on repeat campaigns gives me an opportunity for me to develop a relationship with a brand and bring consistency to my partnerships. I prefer it because I become familiar with the style and content that the brand looks for. It makes the creation process more streamlined and the brand message becomes stronger with each campaign I work on.

“It also allows me to build an online community based on transparency and honesty. My followers feel more confident in the message that is being delivered because they can see it’s a brand I would genuinely promote.”

There’s also an often overlooked money-saving aspect. If you’ve already gifted a creator with a high value item – a piece of furniture or technology for example – then re-engage with them on multiple campaigns, and there’s no need to send out new products. Until you want to of course!

The benefit of ongoing influencer partnerships



Having a consistent presence and building brand ambassadors allows you to learn what content and what influencers perform best for your brand. With this data you can optimise your strategy and drive bigger and better results.

Vamp has partnered with a number of brands who take an ‘always-on’ approach to influencer marketing and are able to deliver stronger results each time.

Russell and Bromley used the Vamp platform to drive awareness and sales of their fashion accessories for SS20 and AW20.


  • 7x ROAS
  • 153 purchases
  • Purchase value: £27,700.50


  • 11.8x ROAS
  • 202 purchases
  • Purchase value: £47,271.00

Russell & Bromley re-engaged two influencers from their SS20 campaign for their AW20 campaign and they came out as the two best performers. @denis achieved a 25% engagement rate and @nimiblackwell a 23% engagement rate.

The benefit of ongoing influencer partnerships

Adobe engaged Vamp creators for two Lunar New Year campaigns in a row. In 2020 to raise awareness of their Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop and Illustrator, and the year after to encourage audiences to use Creative Cloud. 

Pauline Linton, Brand Communications and Advocacy at Adobe explained the campaign had built on our collective learnings and success: “For the second year running, we partnered with Vamp to deliver a cross-APAC influencer campaign to celebrate Lunar New Year. The campaign delivered on objectives and far exceeded brand goals, as well as traffic and subscription goals. This proved that not only was the targeting tight and well executed, but influencer content was most effective – once again.”

If your brand wants to build authenticity, customer trust and optimise high performing content to further drive results, consider ongoing influencer partnerships. This ‘always on’ approach will also help you remain relevant on socials, build an audience and keep customers engaged with your brand for longer.

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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.