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It takes a great deal of time, creativity, and expertise to create and run an effective social media campaign and few brands have the spare resources to do it properly.

That’s where social media agencies come in. By using an agency, you can benefit from experienced digital marketing experts without having to expand your in-house team.

Finding the right social media agency can seem like an impossible task however, if you type ‘social media agency’ into Google, you’ll get 4,570,000,000 results. 

We’ve saved you the bother of exhaustive research by putting together a guide to the best social media agencies around. These are agencies that have solid reputations, get great results and live up to all the promises they make (there are plenty of others that don’t and you want to avoid those at all costs). 

What is a social media agency ?

A social media agency traditionally offers social media marketing and management – i.e. they will plan and run your marketing campaigns across social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

This includes paid-for advertising and influencer marketing. Some also offer other services, such as public relations, website design, and SEO content. 

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What does a social media agency do?

You can expect the following services from a social media agency: 

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media management
  • SEO content
  • Generating web traffic 
  • Monthly reports outlining your return on investment (ROI)
  • Content creation
  • Website design
  • PR (not all social media agencies offer this, but some do)
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Graphics

Who are the biggest social media agencies?

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace that connects brands with agencies, recently created a list of some of the biggest social media agencies. Their top five are:

  1. TopOut Group – experts in social media management and marketing and pay per click (PPC) advertising
  2. Brandignity – offering SEO, PPC and social media marketing services etc
  3. Fit Design – digital marketing, web design and SEO
  4. Influencer Agency Africa – social media management, SEO and web design
  5. DigiSphere Marketing – social media marketing, SEO and web design

Choosing a social media marketing agency

When searching for a social media marketing agency, follow these guidelines:

  • Look at their website. Who are their clients? Do they work with brands similar to yours?  
  • Check out their reviews and client testimonials.
  • Find out how long they keep their clients the longer a brand sticks with them, the better as this proves that they’re doing a great job. 
  • Make a note of the time it takes for them to respond when you make your initial enquiry. If they don’t get back to you in good time, you may find yourself frustrated further down the line
  • Ask for a proposal and consider their ideas. Do they fit with your brand and are they within budget? 

Social media agencies UK 

  • Social Shepherd – they offer paid social, video production, social media management and influencer marketing. Social Shepherd boasted an increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) of 87% for Beebombs and won an award for Best Paid Social Campaign of the Year
  • Social Chain – with more than 80m followers on Facebook and Instagram, Social Chain clearly practise what they preach, and have worked with the likes of Superdry, Adidas and Apple
  • We Are Social – one of the world’s biggest social media agencies with more than 1,000 staff members
  • Media Bounty – they focus on helping brands creatively with art direction, copywriting, design, photography, and video production
  • Brave Bison – everything from major campaigns to always-on social media strategy, with a specialist department for paid 

Companies that manage social media US

  • Nativz – a full-service agency that cover every aspect of social media management and strategy 
  • Cleverly – specialists in LinkedIn, from managing campaigns through to Linkedin ads
  • Moburst – agency specialising in digital and app marketing. Clients include Google, Pfizer and eBay
  • Iron Roots – full service agency based in Texas with in-house specialists that work across all aspects of social media marketing
  • Vireo – specialists in YouTube that focus on driving conversions through building your YouTube audience 

Social media marketing agencies London 

The Digital Agency Network lists the following agencies as some of the best in London:

  • CEEK Marketing – specialists in social media and influencer marketing
  • Propeller – digital marketing agency for premium brands specialising in food, hospitality, eCommerce, and lifestyle
  • KOTA – international award-winning agency offering web development, branding and digital marketing
  • Hallam – winner of Google’s Growing Businesses Online award
  • Creative Brand Design – experts in digital marketing and website design
  • Impression – a multi-award winning digital growth agency offering SEO services, strategy advice, paid media support, digital PR, and content
  • The Good Marketer – digital marketing agency that works with SMEs
  • Brave Bison – global social media and marketing agency
  • Crowd – global creative agency

Social media agencies Manchester 

  • Media Agency Group – based in Salford, this advertising agency has showcased the FIFA World Cup’s Qatar 2022 emblem with influencer marketing
  • Dinosaur – brand communications agency whose clients include Bupa, Silentnight, and the NHS
  • Creative Individuals Digital – digital marketing agency in Chorley specialising in video production, web design, photography, and branding
  • Skylab – digital agency based near Media City. Clients include England Athletics, and Red Bull Advanced Technologies
  • Skout – B2B PR agency offering social media services

Social media agency Leeds

  • Green Gecko Digital – specialising in social media management, SEO, and web design
  • Epitome Digital – digital marketing and web agency
  • Funnel Simplified – specialising in social media marketing, PPC, and SEO
  • Little Rascal – experts in reaching the mobile generation
  • Zeal – digital and creative agency 

Social media agency Cardiff

  • Lunax Digital – offering social media support and website creation
  • Degu Media – experts in content creation and social media
  • Golley Slater – full service marketing agency
  • Blue Stag Studios – social, digital, and creative solutions
  • Perky Marketing – affordable social media marketing

Do you need a social media management company?

A social media management company will plan, execute, and manage your brand’s presence online. They’ll help you plan your social media strategy, and create and publish content across social media platforms in addition to managing your paid for ads. They can also interact with followers and should give you an analysis of each campaign’s performance.

In short, they can save you a lot of time and energy. And working with an agency means you don’t need a large in-house social media team to deliver successful campaigns. 

Media buyer agencies 

A media buying agency purchases advertising across different media on behalf of your brand. They work across television, mobile apps, social media, display ads, and newspapers etc. 

If you’re thinking of investing in media buying, start by setting a budget, then work out who your target audience is and decide where you’d like to advertise. 

A media buying agency will figure out the best time to advertise your brand using the most effective medium. They’ll also provide you with real-time analytics. 

GoodFirms list the following as three of the best media buying agencies globally:

  • SmartSites – award-winning American agency
  • Mayple – boasting advanced technology in the UK and Israel
  • BrandBurp Digital – brand marketing and advertising in the UK and US

Social media consultancy 

Social media consultants utilise algorithms to maximise your brand’s reach and engagement on social media. Social media agencies offer this expertise, but you can also find sole traders and/or freelancers who are experts on social media platforms, in-application tools, content curation and SEO strategies. 

Instagram marketing agency

An Instagram marketing agency will help your brand create, run and maintain ad campaigns on Instagram. They’ll also have expertise in influencer marketing and content creation. Because Instagram is now part of Facebook, you’ll find that the majority of agencies work across all social media platforms. 

Influencer Marketing Hub says the top Instagram marketing agencies include:

  • Disruptive Advertising – offer a Facebook/Instagram advertising package
  • Lyfe Marketing – award-winning social media management agency, and certified Facebook ad partner
  • Ubiquitous – a TikTok marketing agency that now covers Facebook, Instagram, and others

Social advertising agencies 

A social advertising agency will look after all your paid for social media, from the creation of a strategy, through to content, ad buying and reporting. They’ll also help you to attract website visitors and create new leads. 

Social media content agencies  

Social media content agencies create content to share on your social networks. Your social content should be aligned with brand values and your current marketing strategy, including PR. A social media content agency’s job is to devise and post content that is likely to engage your target audience and raise brand awareness.  

The Drum recommends the following agencies

  • Disrupt – multi-award winning digital agency in London
  • Strawberry Social – a platform that helps you find influencers
  • Reflect Digital – digital agency which prides itself on e-commerce marketing, and customer experience expertise
  • DPDK Digital Agency – digital agency with A-list clients like Nike and 7 Up
  • Tiny Wizard Studio – digital agency with specialism in animation

Influencer marketing agency

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