Six ways brands can secure brand safety in influencer marketing campaigns

Collaborate with confidence with Vamp’s checklist of brand safety checks.
Six ways brands can secure brand safety in influencer marketing campaigns

What is brand safety? Broadly speaking, it’s the protection of a brand’s reputation. Practically speaking, in digital advertising, that means monitoring the environment in which a brand’s advertising appears, avoiding unsavoury websites or apps.

It’s a big concern for marketers (77% cited brand safety as a key priority in 2020) and an important consideration in influencer marketing too.

Brands don’t want to be represented by someone with a reputation or values that could damage their own. No matter how many followers they have. Brands will often need to spend considerable time doing background checks, to ensure this doesn’t happen.

It isn’t always foolproof. In 2018 the Australian government faced controversy over their ‘Girls Make Your Move’ influencer campaign‘. It was revealed that several of the influencers had a history of endorsing alcohol companies or some promoting extreme dieting products, which was at odds with the health-focussed campaigns.

Brand safety is a priority at Vamp. We understand that you need to have absolute confidence in the creators representing your brand – and we’ve built our platform that ensures you can do exactly that.

Six ways brands can secure brand safety in influencer marketing campaigns

Here are six ways the Vamp platform delivers brand safety and some important considerations for brands going it alone:


#1 Professional talent: Our community of creators are vetted and meet Vamp’s high standards of authenticity, professionalism and content creation. We check out each and every one, so you don’t have to. Each have Facebook Creator and Business accounts, so we can access the most accurate data.

#2 Authentic audiences: Once on our platform, AI monitors our creator community constantly. It verifies behaviour, ensuring all audiences and activity is credible. If they system flags any anomalies in the influencers feed and performance, then our team will review and take action.

#3 Competitor conflict: Creators that have worked with competitors previously can be excluded from a brief invite list at our client’s discretion.

#4 Exclusivity: You can use the brief mandatories to ensure creators don’t feature other brands within their content. You can also use the brief to ask creators if they’ve recently worked with a competitor, helping you better understand which creators are suitable to collaborate with.

#5 Quality control: Vamp’s tools put the brand in the driver’s seat. A detailed briefing form allows you to share thorough information with your creator squad, while a content approval process gives you the final say.

#6 Facebook API: Accredited access to Facebook API ensures all data and metrics are accurate. No need to rely on creator-supplied information.

It’s important to remember that while brand safety is paramount, you don’t want to remove the secret sauce to a beautifully effective campaign. Creativity.

Once these measures are in place, brands should feel confident giving their collaborators creative freedom. Remember, they know their audience better than anyone. While you should absolutely choose them wisely and set brand safe parameters, they should have the final say on how they deliver that message to their audience. If you put words in their mouth, their followers will instantly dismiss it as an ad.

Think of our brand safety measures as giving you the confidence to harness the creative power of our community. That’s how you’ll get a truly effective campaign.

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.