Now that we know how the Reels algorithm actually works, you can start creating high-performing, far-reaching videos.


The current popularity of Reels makes the Instagram feature a really powerful tool for creators. They can extend your reach and allow you to engage loads of new people. Since they’re so discoverable, sharing engaging Reels can also help you grow your account and help you gain new followers.

Based on all of the information that Instagram has given us about the Reels algorithm, here are six tips that will boost your Reels views way beyond your following.

Six tips that will boost your Reels views

#1 TikTok watermark be gone


Although it’s best practice to create new content that suits the trends and intricacies of each platform, sometimes the content you’ve created truly works for both Reels and TikTok. If you’ve spent hours creating this content, you’ll want to maximise its exposure! 

Learn how to remove the TikTok watermark on videos you wish to repurpose by using our quick hacks for desktop, iPhone and Android here. Remember, only recycle TikTok content that is relevant for the Reels algorithm and your Instagram audience.


#2 Stay up-to-date with Reels trends


Instagram is pushing for creators to come up with original Reels trends and challenges. But if you can’t come up with your own, it’s a good idea to re-create trending Reels content and to participate in Reels challenges. 

To discover what’s trending on Reels each week, check out @creators who post a Reels Trend Report every Friday. They’ll tell you the latest trends and challenges to participate in, the audio and hashtags to use and pro tips that’ll make your re-creation stand out in the feed.

#3 Don’t throw your posting strategy out the window


Although the Reels feed is separate to the main feed, which means the majority of your Reels views will come from people who don't follow you, we suggest you still post your Reels at your peak time and toggle on the option to share your Reel to your feed. 

This will help you get those initial views and engagements from your followers. These can then potentially cause Instagram to boost your Reel up the algorithm, helping to get your content in front of fresh eyes.


#4 Keep using relevant hashtags


Instagram will pick up on our interests and give us content they know we’ll enjoy. So if a user is constantly engaging with Reels about makeup, then Instagram will continue to deliver content about makeup in their feed. But how do they know which videos are about makeup?

Instagram uses both AI and hashtags to determine what a video is about. It uses this knowledge to serve the content to the people that will appreciate it the most. That means if you’re posting about makeup and you want makeup lovers to see it, you’ve got to use the relevant hashtags.

Six tips that will boost your Reels views

#5 Don’t get Reels mixed up with TikTok’s spontaneity 


Instagram is still the home of polished, curated content. This means mediocre Reels won't make the cut. Videos need to be high-quality, capture the attention of users in the first couple of seconds and bring the ‘wow’ factor.

Now would be a great time to start experimenting with new videography techniques, such as video transitions, stop motion and cinematography, to improve your skills, make your content stand out in the feed and entice users to re-watch your content multiple times. 


#6 Find your Reels niche


To create high-performing Reels, keep on top of trends within the platform - so you understand what your audience wants to see - and consider where you can bring value. 

If you know there’s a big demand for costume makeup after seeing a new trend emerge, and you know you’re good at SPX makeup, then you should be creating SFX makeup tutorials to meet that demand. Once you’ve captured the audience you want to speak to, you can go deeper. Lean on them for content ideas and use the question Story sticker to ask them what they want to see more of.


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