Should you boost influencer marketing with ad spend?

Boosted Instagram posts can extend the life and reach of your campaign content. Is it right for your brand?

Influencers with lower follower counts are typically more trusted by social audiences.


Greater trust delivers greater conversions and so, over the past few years, brands have diverted their marketing spend away from celebrities and mega influencers and towards micro and nano influencers.

Authentic and highly-engaging campaigns have resulted from this shift towards smaller audiences, but some marketers have found there has been something missing. Reach.

Boosting influencer marketing campaigns with paid media can solve this problem by delivering extended reach. Paid for ads take the content originally shared by the influencer and deliver it to people outside their following. Many marketers consider the reach gained with paid media as far superior to reach delivered by a highly followed (and expensive) influencer. Why? Because you can target – with precision – the people you want to see that post.


But reach isn’t the only benefit. Here are three more reasons you should boost influencer marketing with ad spend:


1. It extends the life of quality content

Organic impact only lasts so long. However amazing the content, when an influencer shares a branded post, the countdown to it being hidden by more recent and high profile posts is on. Boosting posts – or turning influencer assets into social ads – gives marketers a chance to extend the life of campaign content. What’s more, you can use the organic phase as a test period and put your marketing spend behind what has already proven to be the best performing content.

2. You can call to and track action

Another benefit of boosted posts is their clear calls to action. These links enables us to drive engagement from the social post to a website, if you’re trying to boost awareness or ecommerce site if you want to increase sales. It removes friction on the path to purchase and are all trackable, helping you to accurately measure post performance and attribute the ROAS.

3. It supercharges campaign results

When Vamp ran an Adobe campaign to drive downloads of their Lightroom app, we took the high-performing posts and boosted them. We targeted creatives with interests in editing, Adobe’s core customer base. The result was 105,333 app downloads, with a CPD of under $1 and 21m customers reached. The campaign was so effective, it won Best Influencer Marketing Campaign at the Ewards.


Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.