On demand webinar: How to navigate COVID-19 as an influencer

A Vamp creator shares her experience of working through lockdown and her advice for other influencers

Lockdown is a challenging time for digital content creators and influencers. How are they navigating their ‘new normal’?


This webinar, ‘How to navigate COVID-19 as an influencer‘ asked exactly that.  In this twenty minute chat, Vamp’s Head of Content, Lauren Thomas, was joined by Cheryl Law (@lawstore) from Vamp’s creator community and Alice Dirks, Project Lead at Vamp. They discussed how COVID-19 had impacted influencers’ workload, creativity and engagement rates. 

For content creators, experimenting and being flexible has such a high reward. You might find something that you never knew that you loved. Brands and marketers have always been so open to evolving marketing and social media. Without challenges like this, the industry might not grow as it has been.” Cheryl Law @lawstore.

For marketers, I would recommend they keep engaging creators but keep the brief requirements as open as possible. This will really allow influencers space to show off their creativity within the restrictions. It’s a great time to test and learn. Try out different content types to see what the reaction is like.” Alice Dirks, Project Lead, Vamp.

If this conversation sparks any questions around your social strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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On demand webinar: How are social media marketers navigating COVID-19?


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