November influencer of the month @malakaldawood

Discover how Saudi influencer, @malakaldawood hit a whopping one million TikTok followers.
November influencer of the month @malakaldawood

Please give a warm welcome to @malakaldawood, our Saudi influencer of the month who has hit one million TikTok followers! We asked for her top tips on how to hit the FYP and grow a loyal TikTok audience. 


Congratulations Malak! We’re so excited to name you our influencer of the month. We’d love to get to know you a little more. Tell us how you started your career as a content creator.

Thank you! It’s such a pleasure to be Vamp’s influencer of the month. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved shooting content. This passion even helped me excel my studies in media journalism. Once I officially started my career as a journalist, I gained a fairly big social presence. Brands then started to reach out to me for collaborations. That’s when I realised my career would bring me so much more joy if I became a full time content creator! 


You’ve reached an incredible one million TikTok followers. Congrats on this huge milestone! How did you build such a loyal and engaged TikTok audience?

Thank you! Finding your TikTok niche is my number one piece of advice. This will be how you grow a loyal and engaged following. I’ve stuck to a parenting and family-focused niche, because I now know that this type of content is what engages my audience the most. It’s also what I’m best at creating. My content is relatable to so many, and I can easily tap into a trend and put my own spin on it.


How do you recreate TikTok trends that feel relevant to your niche and audience?

I’ll always try to find a way to feature my family in any trend that I participate in. I’ll also make my version of the trend relatable to other families who will likely see my content in their FYP. I recommend thinking about how your take on a trend will add value to your niche and audience. And if you can’t think of a way to do this, avoid jumping on that trend as it’s unlikely to perform well.

What do you think is the key to creating TikTok content that hits the FYP?

The key is to keep creating trending and relatable content. Make sure you add trending hashtags to your captions and use trending audio and sounds. This will help you land on users FYP that have previously engaged with similar content.


Do you find creating original TikTok content just as important as re-creating trends?

Absolutely. Your original content could become the next TikTok trend! So make sure you’re creating a mixture of both. You never know which video will go viral overnight and turn you into a trend-setter.


Your professionalism and reliability is what helped you win this award. What advice would you give to another creator in these areas?

Some influencers have managers, and there is absolutely no problem with that, but I like to communicate with brands myself. This not only saves time as there’s less back and forth, but it also helps you establish a very good working relationship with them. I would say the number one rule to professionalism and reliability is good communication.


What are your secrets to building a loyal and engaged Instagram following? 

Again, communication! Social users love when influencers reply and engage in conversation with them. It builds loyal relationships, helps you appear more personable and relatable, and it makes your audience feel closer to you – like you’re their friend.

November influencer of the month @malakaldawood

Vamp just opened a new office in Saudi Arabia! This exciting news means we’ll be working with more brands in the KSA market. It also means we’ll be looking to work with more Saudi Arabian creators. From your experience tell them why they should become Vamp creators.

Wow that’s huge news, congratulations! Vamp is a highly trustworthy influencer platform. They connect you with huge brands, which gives their creators loads of new opportunities. Vamp has a very supportive and flexible team, and they’re always motivating me to be a better content creator.


Do you have any other pieces of advice you’d give to other young, aspiring creators?

Don’t give up and keep creating. This is how you’re going to grow as a content creator and excelle in your career. Also, remember that one follower is just as important as a million followers. It’s one extra person you’re making an impact on. So rather than looking at your followers as numbers, look at them as real people who have opted into receiving your content every day, that you can leave a lasting impression on.


Right now I am…

Listening to: Baby Shark

Watching: Kids TV (Can you tell I’m with my kids while writing this!?)

Eating: Honey

Wearing: Pyjamas

Drinking: Milk 

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