March influencer of the month @mitadevayana

Introducing @mitadevayana who shares her secrets to creating presets in Lightroom and shooting engaging video content.
March influencer of the month @mitadevayana

Introducing @mitadevayana. Based in Indonesia, Vamp’s March influencer of the month shares her must-see shoot locations in Bali, how she used Lightroom to create her own presets and secrets to shooting video content.


Congratulations Mita! We’re so excited to award you with March’s influencer of the month. Tell us a little bit more about how you became a content creator.

Thank you for choosing me! Content creation started out as just a hobby of mine. I’ve always loved photography, so when I first started my Instagram years ago I was uploading up to seven images a day! 

Then I learnt how to curate my feed and build an audience, so content creation turned into one of my jobs, which I am so grateful for. 


What is some advice you can give to keeping a balanced and organised life?

Being a mother, a 5-star hotel employee and a content creator, life can sometimes be difficult to juggle. This is how I like to stay organised: 

#1 Start the day early to get small tasks done before a full day of work.

#2 Establish a good line of communication with my family, especially with my husband, that way I have extra support when things go south. This is a good habit to have with anyone such as a partner, roommate, manager etc.

#3 Avoid procrastinating the small jobs. Don’t underestimate how time consuming they can be when they all pile up on top of each other.

#4 Write a daily to-do list to make sure everything that needs to get done won’t be forgotten about.

March influencer of the month @mitadevayana

What are some of your best tips for creating a beautifully curated Instagram feed like yours?

First you need to establish the type of content your feed will consist of. For example, my feed features fashion shots of me surrounded by beautiful locations. For others, they may focus on flatly content, or landscape photography.  

Then you want to look at editing. Finding the right presets for your content can take a bit of time. I actually did a fair bit of research before I found the perfect ones for my feed. Since then, I’ve created my own.


What advice can you give to other creators looking to create their own presets?

YouTube is your best friend! This is where I spent hours learning to use Lightroom to create my own presets. Things you want to understand how to adjust in a photo include the brightness, contrast, exposure, shadows, highlights and colour hues.

When you first start putting what you’ve learnt to work you need to remember that every photo you take will have varying qualities of light and colour. This means when you apply your preset it can look inconsistent on different images. You will notice this even happens with pre-made presets you can purchase. So when you apply your preset to an image, you may need to adjust the settings slightly to make it look perfect. I sometimes even use Tezza to help adjust an image’s colour and lighting after applying my preset.

March influencer of the month @mitadevayana

What are some of your best tips for shooting video content?

These are some of the little things I’ve learnt to do over time when I’m shooting video content:

#1 Select audio or music that will enhance the overall feeling of the video.

#2 Choose an outfit that will complement the video’s theme.

#3 The day before shooting, prepare everything you need for the day from charging the camera to packing equipment and props. That way, nothing is forgotten and the day runs smoothly.

#4 Record multiple versions of a scene so you can select the best one when it comes to cutting and editing.


Where are your top three favourite local locations to shoot at and why?

These are three places I love to shoot at in Bali and I highly recommend them to other creators:

Melasti beach. It has the most beautiful sunsets, the best natural lighting and is so photogenic.


Milk & Madu Café Ubud. Has an amazing, quirky atmosphere so it’s super fun to shoot content here. Not to mention they serve delicious food!


Desa Meksiko. Has this beautiful hand-painted mural that is just the perfect background to any shot.


What has been the biggest mistake you’ve made as a content creator and how did you learn from it?

Submitting my content late for approval. I had my dates mixed up which I was very upset at myself for doing. Fortunately the client was understanding and I’ve never made that mistake again. I now make notes and set reminders through out the whole campaign process from scheduling content creation shoots to content approval deadlines. Being on time and reliable is a super important trait every creator should have. 


Quick fire round. Right now I am…

Listening: My dance music playlist on Spotify

Watching: Korean dramas on Netflix

Eating: Tteokbokki (I love it!)

Wearing: A knitted body suit with terracotta trousers

Drinking: Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks


Lastly, after working on campaigns for Lazada, Rexona and Aveeno what are you three favourite things about being a Vamp creator?

I love that Vamp gives me opportunities to be part of big brand campaigns. Plus, being a Vamp creator means I receive good content fees for every campaign I work on, and I get to work with Vamp’s very warm and kind team!

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