[Infographic] The influencer marketing statistics to know

[Infographic] Get up-to-date with the most important findings of 2019 so far
The influencer marketing statistics to know

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As influencer marketing evolves, it seems that there’s a new survey or report released every other week to keep up with.


That’s why we’ve collated the most significant findings so far, in a handy infographic. The stats here underline just how much growth there’s been in influencer marketing – highlighted by a 1500% increase in searches for ‘influencer marketing’ over the past three years. And it’s little wonder that people want to learn more, when the process has proved its worth so competently. Some 87% of shoppers admit that they’ve been prompted to make a purchase by an influencer, and almost the same amount of marketers believe it’s an effective marketing solution (84%).

Looking to get a better handle on the rise of influencer marketing, and why it’s so effective? Check out the graphic below.



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