[Infographic] How to create great YouTube ads

Impactful editing, engaging sound and reinforcing your brand through video
How to create great YouTube ads by Vamp

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Vamp, has become a Creative Partner of YouTube, trained and approved by Google in YouTube ads best practices.


It’s an exciting opportunity for Vamp to help their clients harness the full potential of YouTube. A platform that has a monthly active user base accounting for 25% of the world’s population.

We know the trend for consuming video on mobile is increasing. According to YouTube, over 70% of watch time now comes from mobile devices. Viewers are also being given the power to skip certain ads. Both of these facts present challenges for marketers trying to hook this social audience. In this article, we share insights on what creative elements make a truly effective YouTube ad.


Impact from the start


For True View ads, the first five seconds are crucial. Users are likely to be hovering over the countdown, waiting for the ‘Skip ad’ button to become available. To stop them hitting it, use of an emerging story arc, which starts with a ‘wow’ moment, as apposed to a traditional story arc, which builds slowly, in order to hook viewers immediately. Then, consider an unexpected shift or multiple peaks to maintain attention throughout.

The quality of visual imagery is incredibly important. Intriguing content that makes consumers think or feel something will help your ad resonate. Again, prioritise their use in those first few seconds. Focusing on people can build further engagement. Check out Vamp creator @absow_‘s Gillette video below.

Introduce your brand

Deliver branding early on. It helps orient the viewer and enables more fluid processing, which helps increase engagement.

The logo can be featured multiple times throughout for further reinforcement, whether that’s done through product placement or by integrating a constant logo watermark on all shots.

See how @callmeloop made this work for Wrangler.

Attention-grabbing editing


According to YouTube, 95% of video watched on the platform is played with sound on. There is huge potential for marketers to use music or voiceovers to tap into the audiences’ senses. The more an ad engages, the harder it is to ignore. Users who see and hear ads experience higher ad recall than those who only see or only hear ads, according to this research from Think With Google.

Another trick is a fast-paced edit which includes two or more shots in the first five seconds. Scenes can change faster in simple ads with low information to deliver higher impact. Check out @makeupbyjaack‘s fast-paced tutorial for Rimmel below.

Build for mobile


With the majority of watch time happening on mobile devices, this needs to be a consideration at every stage. Beware of the constraints. People will often be watching on battery saving mode, with darker screens and less visibility. Use bright colours and large easy-to-read text. Frame products and people tightly to account for smaller screens. It’ll be easier for the viewer to process and will be more engaging.

Then be aware of the benefits. With clickable ads, you can direct viewers at the moment of inspiration, making it easier to drive consumers to your website or a booking page. You might think about creating a sense of urgency, like a limited time offer. Either way, give viewers a clear and actionable call to action.


Save these tips for later with our handy infographic 👇

Save these tips for later with our handy infographic

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