Influencer content outperforms brand-led content

Discover why influencer content outperforms brand-led content
Influencer content outperforms brand-led content

Both in Vamp campaigns and in marketing research, influencer content has proved more impactful and engaging than branded content.


This impact extends way beyond an influencers feed too. While a content creator’s loyal audience was once seen as their greatest offering, content is quickly eclipsing this. The assets they create are able to perform to a high standard – whichever format they take.

In this Linqia survey, over half of the marketers surveyed said influencer generated content outperformed brand-created content when used in other channels.


The Vamp proof


Need a little more convincing? Vamp creator content for Pottery Barn, transformed into ad-ready formats, achieved an engagement rate 24.9x higher than the retail average on the platform. This contributed to a 1886% return on ad spend.

Vamp creator content for Rimmel, in boosted Instagram posts, achieved a 26.6% engagement rate. That is 28.8x the retail average. This contributed to cost per engagement rate of £0.007.


Why is it so effective?


Social content creators specialise in engaging content that suits the platforms in which they operate on. They are experts – and their loyal followings are testament to this. They know what visuals generate a response and what captions resonate with audiences.

The rise in creatives on social media and decreasing cost of camera equipment has driven up the standards of content creation across the board. Influencers have collectively raised their game in order to succeed in a competitive market and have more creative tools at their disposal.

Social content creators are often seen as experts in their field and content from them holds an authority that audiences respond to. Brands collaborating with highly relevant experts in their field will benefit from this advocacy, wherever the content is shared.

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