How to use influencers and social ads to drive customers in-store

Five tips on how to use influencers and social ads to drive footfall
How to use influencers and social ads to drive customers in-store

We all know influencer content and social ads are highly effective in driving customers to shop online.


But what if you want to drive customers into your bricks and mortar stores? After all, in-store shopping holds benefits for brands not found with online shopping.

Firstly, in-store shoppers spend more, 71% of shoppers say they’ve spent $50 or more when shopping in-store whereas only 53% saying they’ve spent $50 or more when online shopping. (First Insight)

Secondly, they’re more likely to impulse buy. 89% of women and 78% of men who shop in-store say they impulse buy. Whereas 77% of women and 67% of men who shop online say they impulse buy. (First Insight)

How to use influencers and social ads to drive customers in-store

So it’s clear driving customers to store holds huge benefits for brands – but how do you actually do it?

Here are five tips to use influencers and social advertising to drive customers in-store:


#1 Product sampling 


How often do you pick the gelato you taste tested first? Offering a free sample of your product is a powerful way to drive customers into stores. It gives them a taste of what’s to come and leaves them wanting more. Not only that, it can also capture data for future retargeting.

Influencer content can amplify and add value to a sampling campaign by showing their audience how to use your product. An influencer’s followers trust their genuine and authentic endorsements.

Vamp has delivered influencer sampling campaigns for Kellogg’s and Bobbi Brown. In our campaign for Bobbi Brown, 1,300+ customers submitted for a sample request. 73% of the customers that went in-store to redeem their sample were new to the brand. And of that percentage, 20% converted to purchase.

How to use influencers and social ads to drive customers in-store

#2 Clear descriptions


One thing that can deter customers away from making a purchase is difficulty in finding their desired product. Make it easy for your customers to find things in-store by including clear descriptions.

A great way to do this is by asking influencers to include specific product names or codes in their captions. Or grant them access to use Instagram shopping tags.

Vamp’s easy briefing tool helps brands include all this vital information, so a creator knows exactly what to include in the post. Content and caption approval in our platform allows brands to double check everything before posts go live.


#3 Store locator


If your primary goal is to drive customers in-store, then you need to use your call to action (CTA) wisely. When partnering with influencers, provide them with a link to a store locator instead of your e-commerce page. This way their followers can find their closest store.

Influencers can add a link to their bio or a ‘swipe up’ link within their Stories. And if you’re amplifying content with paid media, you can add your store locator link to every post. Be sure addresses, opening hours and contact details are up to date. This will avoid any miscommunication that could lead to lost sales.

How to use influencers and social ads to drive customers in-store

#4 Showcase in-store experiences


Whether you’ve got a store opening, a new installation or want to show off your superior fitting rooms, inviting an influencer to showcase your in-store experience is a great way to drive footfall. Influencers are expert storytellers and can bring their followers along to include them in the experience.

For example, Pottery Barn gave our influencers a voucher to spend in-store, while creating content about their experience. A paid media strategy followed, using that influencer-generated content to retarget customers and drive them towards websites and stores. 


#5 Target customers by location


Social ads can drive customers in-store with their location targeting features. This allows retailers to target customers who live in an area in proximity to your stores.

Facebook offers ad features designed for local businesses. Dynamic localisation shows people ads, maps and CTAs that customise where they are in relation to your shop or business location that is closest to them.

Their native shop locator helps people find and navigate to your shop or the nearest location, without ever leaving your ad. It’s the perfect way to reach customers who are more likely to shop with you because of the convenience.

How to use influencers and social ads to drive customers in-store

What’s next?


Now you know how to create a successful campaign that will drive shoppers to your store, you just need influencers to get your messaging across, and social ads to target your customers. Vamp can help with that.

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