How to run an effective Easter campaign on social media

Hot cross buns are already in stores, and Easter is just around the corner. Here's how you can get ahead.
How to run an effective Easter campaign on social media

Last updated: March 2022

From increased sales to high engagement opportunities, there are plenty of reasons to hop on board with an Easter campaign.


Easter is a lucrative time of year for brands. While family connection, good food and chocolate-centered celebrations are always top of the agenda, shopping is too.

The most common celebration plans for Easter 2021 were cooking a holiday meal (59%), visiting family and friends (43%), and shopping. In fact, 13% of people were planning to shop in-store and 17% opted to shop online.

While the opportunities for chocolate and confectionery are obvious, Easter spending actually extends way beyond the food and beverage vertical. For marketers, this means that putting your best foot forward on social media is important – and a few clever adjustments can place your brand in prime position.

Here’s our guide to getting eggcellent Easter results on social media (and we promise that’s the last pun).

How to run an effective Easter campaign on social media

When is Easter?


Easter falls on the 17th of April this year. The date changes because Easter is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon. For non-Astrologers, the Paschal full moon is the full moon after the spring (for northern hemisphere dwellers) or autumn (for southern hemisphere dwellers) equinox, a.k.a when the season changes.

How to run an effective Easter campaign on social media

What are popular content themes?


Eggs and bunnies for Easter might not be groundbreaking, but marketers have certainly been trying to reinvent the classic motifs in their seasonal campaigns.

In 2021, Cadbury’s went to town with the classic Easter chocolate theme for their 50th anniversary of the Creme Egg. Their hero content featured fans sharing how they eat their Creme Egg, with video content up on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Walkers played with the concept of an Easter Egg by launching the Sensations Easter ‘Egg’ Gift Box – which includes Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps in the place of an egg for those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

You wouldn’t expect Swedish furniture brand, IKEA, to be at the forefront of Easter campaigns – but they’ve managed. Famous for their inexpensive flat-packs, they release ‘Vårkänsla’ every Easter. A 3D chocolate bunny that requires assembling, just like their furniture. The campaign has gained traction on social media for its humour, creativity and for being so on-brand.

How to run an effective Easter campaign on social media

How can marketers get ahead?


A captivating Easter campaign can help engage consumers and drive seasonal sales. Here are our three tips for social success this Easter:


#1 Hop on current trends

Injecting your brand into trending social conversations is a great way to increase your relevancy and boost your brand awareness during this busy sales period. To successfully do this, we suggest tapping into current trends, especially on TikTok where social trends begin and thrive.

“Brands have a massive opportunity to win if they jump onto the right Easter trends fast enough, and in an engaging way.” Explains TikTok, who also shares some of the top Easter trends and hashtags your brand should be incorporating into your social stratgery. Including #EasterCrafts, #EasterBaking, #EasterDecor, and #EasterRecipe.


#2 Focus on family

Easter is a holiday typically celebrated with family and friends. Since audiences identify with stories that feel relatable, engaging family-focused influencers in your campaigns can help your customers imagine your products in their celebrations. 

Influencers are expert storytellers and their ability to spark joy, happiness, excitement and nostalgia can bring your brand to life. This is particularly powerful for brands who don’t feel like their brand naturally aligns with Easter, but have a story to tell.


#3 Stand out in busy newsfeeds

Like any holiday, you can expect social feeds are going to be maxed out with Easter deals, offers and sales. You won’t be the only brand competing for your customers attention – especially if you’re a confectionery brand. 

There are two ways to tackle this. Firstly, focus on quality. With increased competition, only the most beautiful and innovative content will cut through. Secondly, make sure the right people are seeing that content by boosting it. 

Boosting organic influencer content keeps the story coming from the creator, while precisely targeting and engaging a wider portion of your customer base. Boosting content also gives you the ability to drive people to a secondary landing page, such as a website or ecommerce site. 


Best practise in action


Woolworths turned to Vamp to drive awareness and excitement for their Easter range, while positioning the brand as the go-to retailer for all Easter needs. Family-focused creators showed how Woolworths products could keep families busy, while facing the new realities of lockdown. This organically shared content was then boosted by Vamp, which increased the organic engagement rate from 2.7% to 11.1%, achieving a CPE of $0.07. Learn more here.

When RACO wanted to position themselves as the cookware brand for families, they partnered with Vamp creators. Content showcased the creators ‘RACO moments’ during the Easter holiday period. Our influencers captured fun family moments in the kitchen that their audiences could relate to during Easter, while sharing promo codes with each organic post to encourage sales. Vamp then boosted this authentic content to further drive website traffic and sales. This strategy delivered 682 link clicks and a 72% ROAS. 



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