How to get noticed by brands: An influencer’s guide

Use this guide to stand out in a crowded social feed.
How to get noticed by brands: An influencer’s guide

In a crowded social feed, influencers need to work hard to stand out against their peers.


More and more talented creators are now turning their social content into careers and collaborating with brands they love is a career ambition for many influencers. With marketers increasing their spend year-on-year, there’s never been a bigger opportunity for you to find your place in the influencer marketing industry and be noticed by potential brand partners.

But with more than 50 million people now identifying as a creator, it’s a busy market. In this guide, we teach you how to use social media and the Vamp app to extend your reach and land on more brands’ radars.

How to get noticed by brands: An influencer’s guide

How to get noticed on social media


Get chatty

Love a brand? Let them know. Post about your favorite brands, interact with their account to alert them to your profile and use your creativity to capture their attention. Do this by tagging them in your content and using their UGC hashtags. For example, @photoshop encourages creators to tag their Photoshop edits with #MadeWithPhotoshop. This gives the brand a clear path to your work, making it easier to get their attention. 


Perfect your profile 

Select an account handle and profile name that is reflective of who you are and the content you produce. According to Instagram, this will increase your chances of appearing in relevant searches in the app. It’s also important to add relevant keywords to your profile’s bio as this will provide an insight into what you’re all about. This is the first thing a brand will see before they start scrolling down your profile, so make sure you leave a lasting impression! 


Use relevant hashtags

Think the hashtag is dead and buried? Think again. Hashtags extend your reach and land your profile in front of more eyes. By adding relevant hashtags to your captions (and not your comment sections, says Instagram) you assist Instagram in connecting your content with relevant search terms. And what happens when you appear in more searches? You start to get noticed by more brands!

How to get noticed by brands: An influencer’s guide

Reel them in 

Short-form video content is the way of the future on Instagram. Especially since Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri hinted at a change in focus from images to videos.

This is why Reels is a powerful new tool that can boost your reach and increase your discoverability. To rank higher in the Reels algorithm, make sure your content taps into current trends and is high-quality. That means no watermarks! You can learn more here.


Create high-quality content

This shows you’re a professional in the space and highlights your outstanding creative skills. Two very important things that brands look for in a collaborator. Sharing flawless flatlays, seamless cinemagraphs and awe-inspiring stop motions will elevate your profile and ensure your posts stand out in the feed. 


Start trending

Why wait for new TikTok trends and challenges to roll around when you can create them yourself! Get it right and there’s a chance your account could go viral, boosting your discoverability. Brands on TikTok don’t just love finding innovative creators to collab with. They love to find trends and challenges to jump on too. Need some inspiration? Start with your niche and build a trend or challenge around what you’re best known for. This could include dancing, singing, photography, cooking, styling, make up, skits – you name it!

How to get noticed in the Vamp app 


Vamp receives hundreds of applicants for every brief we send out to our creator community. While competition is tight, there are things you can do to increase your chances of being selected for a campaign. 


Apply to briefs promptly 

Many brands run their campaigns with a strict schedule. Some even look to get their campaigns up and running within 24 hours of a brief going live. This means it’s super important that you apply for a new brief you’re interested in quickly. Brands are also keen to work with creators who they think will be responsive throughout the campaign. You snooze, you lose, so get those app notifications switched on!


Don’t rush it

Although you need to apply for briefs promptly, be thorough during the application process. Share your in-depth creative ideas if required and answer every question the brand has asked to the best of your ability. Not only will this boost your chances of being selected, it shows you’re committed and professional. Exactly the type of creator that will grab the attention of brands.

How to get noticed by brands: An influencer’s guide

Prioritise a local audience and high engagement

Gone are the days when brands only wanted to work with celebrities or macro creators. Nowadays, a smaller, local audience and a high engagement rate are high on their wishlists. These are two major considerations they’ll have when reviewing your profile analytics at the selection stage. Work on growing your local audience and building a stronger engagement rate to make sure you get noticed by more brands. 


Be a five-star creator 

To show brands which creators are most professional, reliable and committed, all of our creators have a star rating. Once you’ve completed a brief deliverable in its entirety – and the approved content has gone live – your campaign manager or the brand will rate you based on your performance throughout the course of the campaign. The higher your rating, the higher your chances of being selected. Here’s how to achieve a five-star rating in the Vamp app.

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