How to get chosen for more Vamp campaigns in 2021

Learn from some of our most selected creators from 2020 about how you can secure more Vamp campaigns in 2021

It’s a brand new year, which means new goals to set and achieve. If yours include securing more work with Vamp, we can help.


We admit we’re a fairly selective bunch. We have a tight-knit community of creators, so we know we’re connecting our clients with the best. But entry to our community doesn’t guarantee your place in campaigns. Those decisions come down to our clients. “So how do I improve my chances of being selected?” We hear you ask…

To help you up your game – and earnings – this year with Vamp, we spoke to some of our most selected creators from 2020, to hear their top tips on winning work.


UK-based creator @thewhitethistle scored eight campaigns with us last year. Abi is also a blogger and mum, who had some insightful tips to offer.

 Congratulations on being one of our most selected creators in the UK for 2020! What has been your experience with Vamp so far?

Oh wow, thank you! Thanks to Vamp, I’ve been able to work with a real variety of brands, which I would not have had the opportunity to do without them.

My absolute favourite campaign was with Marks & Spencer. Not only because they are a high-street brand I regularly shop at, but the brief was a perfect fit and the content naturally fitted on my feed. When a campaign doesn’t even look or feel like a paid collaboration, I feel as though I have done my job well.


What advice would you give to creators who want to increase their chances in being chosen for campaigns?

You want to give brands a good first experience, as they’re more likely to give you a higher Vamp rating, which means a better chance of winning future work. So I suggest the following:

Read briefs thoroughly so you understand exactly what the brand is looking for. Then think about how you can add your creative edge. If you’re lacking creativity, I actually enjoy reading through all the briefs in the Vamp app, even if I’m not applying for them. It’s interesting to see what type of content brands in different verticals are looking for, which always sparks new ideas in my mind.

Also make sure you’re responsive in the Vamp app and provide constant updates to clients. Let them know when you’ve received the product, plan to shoot content and submit for approval. The more you treat ‘influencing’ like a proper business, the more successful you will be. 

Learn what Vamp’s rating system is and how to bump up your rating here.


What are your favourite things about working with Vamp?

Aside from being a really innovative brand to follow on Instagram, I love the work they do to raise awareness and educate their community about the influencer marketing industry.

I also love their app and that I get notified when new collaborations are available, so I don’t have to constantly check for updates. Their briefs are provided upfront so you can make a clear, informed choice on whether it’s the right fit for you. And of course, I enjoy that payment terms are clear and paid without ever having to create an invoice.

Next up we have Melbourne based creator @nolan_and_us who secured 21 campaigns with Vamp in 2020. On top of all that, she’s a photographer, product stylist and mum. Here’s what Alexandra had to share.

Congratulations on being one of our highest chosen creators in Australia for 2020! What has been your experience with Vamp so far?

Wow thank you so much, that’s so exciting! I’ve been a Vamp creator for a few years now and I always have a great experience. Vamp’s given me the opportunity to create content for amazing brands that I genuinely love. 

When I was accepted for the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge brief last year I was ecstatic! Having a well-known international brand wanting to collaborate with you is such a great opportunity.


What advice would you give to creators who want to increase their chances in being chosen for campaigns?

First and foremost, I’d suggest only applying for campaigns that not only match your brand, but also the interests of your community. This helps you remain authentic, establishing an extra level of trust, and keeps your audience engaged with interesting and relevant content.

I also believe creating high-quality and diverse content formats – such as carousel posts, Stories and Reels – helps with being selected, as the client then knows what they can expect from your work. Content shot in soft natural lighting, edited with consistent filters, with the featured product being sharp and in focus can make all the difference.


What do you like about working with Vamp?

It’s such a great platform to work with as they match the right creators with the right brands. The app is very easy to use and the process of applying for campaigns and being selected is super smooth. I also love that you can chat to the client directly before creating content, to make sure you’re on track with the brief.


Here are Vamp’s top three tips on how to get chosen for more campaigns:

#1 Nobody likes a flakey friend. And our clients don’t appreciate unreliability, so be sure you’re always hitting your deadlines and submitting your content on time. Your timeliness may just score you a five star rating at the end of a campaign.

#2 Alongside good communication skills and reliability, our clients love your creativity – that’s why you’re part of Vamp’s creator community after all! So make sure you’re always pushing your creative boundaries to impress our clients and keep your audience engaged. 

#3 Avoid going rogue and stick to the brief. We suggest re-reading a brief a minimum of four times throughout the campaign process, to minimise the risk of you having to reshoot your content and delay live dates. Run through a brief before applying for a campaign, before shooting your content, while shooting your content and before submitting your content for review. Clients will love your accuracy and time-saving qualities.

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How to get chosen for more Vamp campaigns – just like @lovecherriiee


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