How creative freedom fuels Adobe’s inspiring and effective campaigns

Multiple influencer campaigns, millions engaged, and just one simple rule
How creative freedom fuels Adobe’s inspiring and effective campaigns

There are currently more than 7.5 billion humans on planet earth.


Of this, 12 million are recorded to have active subscriptions to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service. What does this tell us? There’s an enormous amount of creative people out there.

It also presents a challenge for Adobe, giving them a wide and diverse customer base to communicate with. Influencer marketing has proved an effective strategy and their powerful campaigns have followed one rule: allow influencers creative freedom.


Why influencer marketing?


Who better to talk about Adobe than talented content creators who live and breathe their Creative Cloud products? Adobe’s approach is to put their tools in the hands of these passionate individuals and allow them to tell their stories. Vamp connects the two, briefing talent from their pre-approved pool to talk about the product in their own voice.

Stifling restrictions and forced messaging are common pitfalls in influencer marketing. It’s understandable. ‘Who knows the brand better than the brand itself’ marketers will ask as they forfeit the creativity and authenticity that attracted them to influencer marketing in the first place.

By relinquishing tight direction and giving creators full creative control, Adobe talent are able to achieve the highest possible engagement. They can produce high-quality content in line with their aesthetic. After all, content is king.

@jamtuna and @benmack_ are two Vamp influencers who recently created video content to drive awareness of the new Premiere Rush app. The briefing process was simple – use the app to edit a short, polished video for their Instagram feed. Then use Stories to reveal how it was created. Simple, and highly effective, it tapped into their audience’s interests. Both achieved a higher engagement rate than their personal average, a fantastic result for sponsored content.


Freedom breeds variety


Allowing influencers to have full creative control also results in a wide variety of content styles and themes. From picturesque drone footage over iconic Byron Bay beaches, to fast lapsed footage through the busy streets of Singapore, all the content produced was bespoke and original. It worked together to achieve the wider objective of not only driving awareness and engagement but reinforcing brand love.

Adobe’s Colour campaign followed the same approach. It aimed to capture moments and experiences with a colour-focus through Asia Pacific. Vamp’s talent could use any Adobe Creative Cloud app to capture colour in their region, and talk about their creative process.

How creative freedom fuels Adobe’s inspiring and effective campaigns

A number of high-performing influencers were selected and had the freedom to produce content around any colour experience which resonated with them the most.

@dikshitmundra_ produced the image above and covered his experiences at the Indian Holi festival. He then spoke about his creative process with colour and how Adobe has helped facilitate this. His connection to Holi festival was raw and genuine, allowing for highest engagement possible achieving a 37.33% ER.

In addition to fantastic assets and results, this trust also fosters strong relationship between the brand and influencer, leaving them enthusiastic about working on their campaigns time and again.

Working with the Vamp has been the most effective and efficient way to put our tools in the hands of passionate and talented content creators. It allowed us to put more creative control in the hands of the true creatives, sit back and be blown away by the response.

Paulie Linton, Adobe’s Head of Social in Asia Pacific

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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.