Four things every influencer marketing campaign needs

The four S' that every marketer needs to prioritise when running an influencer marketing campaign.
Four things every influencer marketing campaign needs

8 out of 10 customers have purchased something after seeing it on a content creator. 


So it’s little wonder that 84% of marketing professionals believe that influencer marketing is effective! Yep, it’s a pretty powerful channel. Effective in boosting brand awareness, engagement and driving conversions.

But not all campaigns are created equal. Like any marketing strategy, there are some important considerations. At Vamp, after almost six years and thousands of successful campaigns, we’ve figured out that every campaign really needs four things to be effective. 

We call them the four S’

Four things every influencer marketing campaign needs

#1 Scale


One of the best things about influencer marketing is the ability to reach a wide range of customers, all around the world. Brands use it to spread their message across social media quickly and effectively.

But as anyone who has run an influencer marketing campaign solo knows, it can often feel impossible to manage multiple creators in different markets, all working to a slightly different schedule.

On Vamp’s platform brands can connect with thousands of influencers within their niche. They can run multiple campaigns simultaneously – and they can manage their schedules via our timeline feature. All within one spot. So you can scale your impact, but not your efforts.

Vamp is great because there is such a wide range of influencers on the platform. As a department store with so many different areas of focus, that range is really important.

Stacie Hickey, Assistant Marketing Manager, Big W

#2 Speed


A slow recruitment process, lagging application process and lengthy content creation is not conducive to a successful influencer campaign. After all, you want content when you want it, when the product is new and the trend is fresh. 

A fast campaign process will help you create reactive content. Say, for example, you notice a new trend on TikTok that would fit your brand perfectly and you want to jump on it, before it disappears. Collaborating with an influencer can be the fastest option – and leaves you more time to focus on the rest of your marketing efforts.

From briefing to payment, our tools make the process quick and easy, so you can start generating content fast. What’s more, our briefs receive 50% of applicants in under two hours, so there’s time waiting and more time creating.

#3 Safety


Brand safety is top of mind for brands right now – and rightly so. Safety checks are essential for a great influencer marketing campaign. You want to ensure that an influencer has strong and genuine engagement, that they align with your brand values and aren’t working with a direct competitor. They’ll be representing your brand after all.

This can take a lot of time – and social sleuthing –  to get right. 

Every creator in Vamp’s community has been vetted. We’ve checked their audience authenticity, content creation skills and professionalism, to ensure they meet our high standards. This, along with a content approval process, allows you to collaborate with confidence. No unwelcome surprises, just the highest-quality content.


Six ways brands can secure brand safety in influencer marketing campaigns

#4 Stats


Like any marketing investment, you want to be sure that your efforts are being rewarded. Set objectives, whether that’s linked to engagement, app downloads or sales and be sure you have the right tracking in place to record them.

Boosting and paid media are great influencer marketing campaign ‘add ons’ that really allow you to extend your reach and track it effectively.

The platform Vamp uses data from our marketing partners, Facebook and Instagram. That not only gives customers accurate data on our influencers and their followers, but measures campaign performance effectively. In delivering insights directly from the source, without the need for scraping or screenshots, gives you a birds-eye view in the dashboard, so you can see exactly how your campaign is performing. 


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