Four reasons why you should leverage Reels in your influencer marketing campaigns

Discover how Reels can supercharge your influencer strategies.
Why you should leverage Reels in your influencer campaigns


Leveraging Instagram Reels in your influencer marketing campaigns is a sure-fire way to achieve some seriously mindblowing results. 

By now, everyone that works in social media should know that Instagram’s algorithm prioritises video content, specifically Reels content. In fact, reports now show that Reels content reaches 13% more people than static image posts and 50% more people than carousel posts. 

This favouritsim means that creators who post Reels content are achieving significantly higher impressions, reach, and engagement than those who aren’t.    

It also means that brands who are leveraging Reels in their influencer marketing campaigns are achieving better overall results than their previous campaigns or their competitors who aren’t on the Reels train yet. 

If you’re a brand still skeptical of the short-form video format and are yet to jump on the bandwagon, here are the top four reasons why you should be leveraging Reels in your influencer marketing campaigns

1. Reels can increase your return on ad spend (ROAS)

It’s evident that Reels content is currently performing better organically on Instagram than static posts. So it comes as no surprise that boosted Reels content is achieving remarkable results for brands.

According to Vamp’s Paid Media & Performance Manager, David Whiteway, “Boosting creator’s Reels content has proven effective at driving sales for multiple Vamp clients.” 

Space NK recently partnered with Vamp on two of their influencer marketing campaigns. For both their ‘New In’ and ‘Rare Launch’ campaigns, Vamp solely boosted their creators’ Reels content. As a result, we achieved an 11.2x ROAS (New In campaign) and a 16.2x ROAS (Rare Launch) for the UK-based beauty brand. Proving not once, but twice that choosing to only boost Reels content can deliver excellent return on ad spend.

Another example includes one of our latest campaigns for Fantastic Furniture. When it came time to boost their influencer campaign with Vamp, the brand chose a mixture of static posts and Reels to put spend behind. The boosted Reels content drove a staggering 65% of the 556 conversions we achieved for the Australian homewares brand.

Read our latest guide if you’re keen to learn more about everything there is to know about boosting Instagram Reels as ads.

2. Reels offer higher organic reach

Reels’ current virality is giving brands and creators a really powerful platform to reach lots of new people through engaging content. Some of my clients, including OPPO, have added hundreds of thousands of impressions to their campaigns, just by including Reels.

If your brand’s objective is to drive further reach, especially among new audiences, then you should definitely consider Reels as part of your influencer campaign strategy. 

According to a recent report by HypeAuditor that analyzed 77.6M Instagram posts throughout July 2022, Reels are generating the most reach on the platform (by a notable margin) when compared to single image posts, carousels, and normal video posts.

With this significantly higher reach than other posting formats on Instagram, Reels is a great option for brands looking to reach a broader audience on the platform.

It’s also interesting to note that, according to Meta, Reels make up more than 20% of the time that people spend on Instagram. This means that your brand could be missing out on communicating with consumers who are choosing to spend their time watching Reels over watching Stories and scrolling through their home feed.

3. Reels allow brands to tap into reactive creator marketing

It’s no secret that Reels is Instagram’s response to TikTok and a way for the 12-year-old social platform to keep up with TikTok’s rapid growth. 

Both platforms have similar user-interfaces, features and tools, creators, and of course, trends. In fact, many trends begin on TikTok and make their way over to Reels in a matter of days.

This gives brands the opportunity to use Reels as a tool to jump on trending social conversations, inject their brand into popular social challenges, and run reactive creator marketing campaigns that tap into current social media trends, cultural moments, or trending news stories. 

When done correctly, reactive creator marketing has the power to drive staggering awareness and conversion results, and is how we achieved 5.7M organic video views and over 162.9k engagements for our client Sanitarium.

4. Reels generate more engagement 

Finally, if you’re wanting to generate high levels of engagement with your influencer marketing campaigns, leveraging Reels is the perfect way to achieve this objective.

According to reports, Reels generate more likes than any other posting format on Instagram. This is likely due to their increased reach. With more eyes on your Reels content, there’s more of an opportunity to engage your audience.

Not to mention, it’s reported that Reels receive a whopping 22% more engagement than regular Instagram video posts. Proving your Reels content can go viral in a way that normal video content can’t compete with.

We also spoke to our Paid Media & Performance Manager on this to understand how Reels engagement stacks up from a boosting point of view. He’s what he had to say:

Anecdotally, from all the campaigns we’ve run, boosted Reels (and video in general) tend to drive a cost per engagement at least 10x cheaper than static feed content. Which essentially means 10x as much engagement bang for your buck.

How to start using Reels in your influencer marketing campaigns

Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm often makes brands feel like they can’t be heard in a sea of noise. But leveraging Reels in your influencer marketing campaigns makes it easier to reach new audiences and drive your customers to action. 

Vamp’s platform has streamlined the collaboration process between brands and creators, connecting you with our diverse, vetted community. Our talent sourcing software gives you the opportunity to find the perfect creators and scale Reels content as needed. 

As Meta Business Partners, we can help you make your talent selection based on verified Instagram audience and performance data, plus you can manage your entire campaign, from briefing your creators to reporting on their performance, all within the platform.

Once your organic campaign has wrapped, you then have the option to run a paid media campaign through the Vamp platform. 

We’ll boost your creators’ Reels, using the creators original content, caption, and handle so it feels native to the platform. Plus, we’ll use the app-native ad platform to target your audience with precision. 

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