The demand for omni-platform campaigns is increasing.


Running a campaign across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube allows brands to experiment with different content formats and reach different audiences.

While Instagram is the home of high-quality, polished content, TikTokers love spontaneous and playful videos. YouTube on the other hand is great for driving deeper brand advocacy through long form video content, like tutorials.

When Estée Lauder Companies wanted to promote their products during Christmas 2020, they chose a campaign strategy that combined the power of Instagram and TikTok. The successful campaign drove 139k total engagements and almost 8k website link clicks.

We had a fantastic experience working with the talented Vamp team on an innovative Christmas influencer campaign. The process from start to finish was seamless, simple and highly effective. The influencer options were vast, allowing us to strategically choose talent who spoke perfectly to our brand and our specific launches. Thrilled with the exceptional, above benchmark results and ROI. We will definitely be looking to work with the Vamp team again.

Roopa Pandit, Brand Lead, BECCA



Estée Lauder needed authentic Instagram and TikTok content to help drive engagement and website traffic for a range of their brands including: Aveda, BECCA, Darphin, SmashBox, GlamGlow, Bumble & Bumble and Origins. 






This campaign involved two phases. Content was created and shared organically on Instagram and TikTok. Then, Vamp amplified the Instagram content through a stategised boosting campaign. This second phase extended the reach of the content and allowed Estée Lauder to reach precise demographics.

Driving website traffic for Estée Lauder across Instagram and TikTok
Driving website traffic for Estée Lauder across Instagram and TikTok

Phase 1 

Estée Lauder connected with 20 skincare and beauty-focused creators on Vamp’s platform. 

Instagram creators received products from one of the participating brands, based on how well their content authentically fit with the brand. They shared the products via carousel posts and Stories. Two Instagram influencers created festive ‘get ready with me’ videos, featuring all of the brands.

In support of those Instagram videos, five TikTok influencers created similar content; a festive ‘get ready with me’ TikTok that featured all participating ELC brands. 

Rather than creating a single video and posting across both platforms, this approach brought the content to life within Instagram and TikTok separately. Creators were able to observe the unique trends and intricacies of each platform – and make more engaging content as a result.


Phase 2

To further drive engagements and website link clicks, Vamp boosted the organically shared Instagram content. Posts and Stories were amplified to reach a wider audience and targeted customers interested in skincare and beauty. 



Instagram content from creators with genuine advocacy for ELC brands proved the perfect fuel for the subsequent boosting strategy. TikTok content also proved effective for this engagement-driving campaign. 


  • 13.2k+ post engagements 
  • 89.1k+ total impressions
  • 2.4% Story view rate


  • 73.8k engagements 
  • 1330 hours of total view time
  • 8.5% view rate


  • 52k+ engagements
  • 5.1% engagement rate. 7.6x higher than platform benchmark
  • 7,829 website link clicks
  • £0.51 cost per click. 1.6x cheaper than platform benchmark

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.