Decoding your Instagram data for peak performance

Maximise the benefits of a Instagram business account with these three tips
Decoding your Instagram data for peak performance

If you are the proud owner of an Instagram business account, you are in possession of some seriously powerful data.


It’s all there, easily accessible from your account and ready to be used to enhance your content and engagement. But are you using it to its full potential? Here’s three easy ways to use your data to improve your Instagram.

Oh and if you still don’t have an Instagram business account, here’s our handy guide covering how to switch and why you should.


Get to know your audience


Whether it’s your boss, grandma or best friend, you naturally adjust the way you speak depending on who you’re chatting to. It’s why magazines spend time and money researching their readership – it becomes easier to communicate when you know who you’re talking to.

Instagram understand this and provides you with data on your Instagram following. In your audience insights you can find out the male/ female split and where they are located. We’re not suggesting you completely change your tone of voice to suit this following, after all, remaining authentic is key. But you might find some considered tweaks to your content can go a long way. Discovering you have way more male followers than you thought could encourage you to tweak the language you use. Realising the majority of them are in a different time zone may cause you to change when you post new content.

These considered adjustments could make your audience feel as if you understand them better and lead to greater connection and engagement.


Measure hashtag success


After you’ve captured an amazing photo, edited it and written and witty, relatable, thoughtful caption, adding hashtags can feel like an afterthought. Perhaps you always rattle off the same list, or maybe you don’t add any at all.

As we’ve discussed on the blog, hashtags provide huge potential for bringing in new views, likes and followers. You can test this out in real time by tapping ‘view insights’ on your last post. It will show you how many people discovered that post via your hashtags. If that number seems low to you, it might be time to do some research about the type of hashtags your community are using.

The best thing about this function is how easy it is to refine your strategy through trial and error. Check this data every time you post and try out new hashtags. Soon, you’ll see the percentage of accounts reached that weren’t following you rise, along with your follower count.


Assess your performance


What content sparks the best response from your followers?

Are you able to answer that question confidently? Well you will after you’ve viewed your best performing posts in the content tab of your insights. It shows you all of your posts, ranked by engagement. Those which received the most comments and likes will be on top. Take a look at the top six and assess what they had in common. Is there a theme in content, caption style, length or subject?

It’s not always easy to remember your most successful posts, so having all of the data readily available here can be empowering. Equally, if reach is a bigger concern for you, or if you want to know which posts have been saved the most amount of times, or which posts sparked a spike in new followers, you can filter by those metrics too. A common theme is likely to emerge which could be incredibly helpful when planning new content.


Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.