December influencer of the month @koyourichan

Learn @koyourichan's top photography tips and how to capture the perfect candid shot.
December influencer of the month @koyourichan

Meet @koyourichan. Our Singapore-based influencer of the month shares her secret to capturing candid shots, how relatable content keeps an audience engaged and her top tips to staying organised. 


Congratulations Ririka! We’re so excited to award you as our influencer of the month. What inspired you to start your photography and content creation journey?

@koyourichan is a combined effort between my husband and I. We started this journey as we wanted to document the simple and joyful life moments with our first born, Koyouri. We then discovered a real passion for photography! Capturing and sharing those moments in our everyday life with our family, food and travel helped us grow our audience on Instagram to what it is today.


We adore your photography skills. How have you mastered the art of capturing such authentic and candid shots?

We love to create and capture memories as much as possible, no matter how big or small. That’s the key. Whether we’re spending time together as a family in a park, beach or in our home, we love to seize that moment in time by capturing it on camera. And because Koyouri is still so young, we don’t want to miss a thing! So the inspiration to take a candid shot is always right there.

December influencer of the month @koyourichan

What are your three favourite photography hacks or tips that you’ve picked up along the way? 

#1 As we all know, lighting is very important, so we tend to always hunt for natural light in the shade. This is what works for our content style and feed. 

#2 Avoid posing your subject too much. An image looks better when a person’s body language looks as natural as possible. 

#3 Simplicity is key for us. We don’t like shooting with much in the background. Otherwise, our audience will lose focus on the subject.


Your feed is so clean, fresh and curated. We love it! How do you manage to keep it looking this way?

We tend to use the same filters on all our images and we try to use natural lighting as much as possible. Lightroom is our go-to editing app. We also use a scheduling app called Preview to help us plan and keep our feed looking organized. I sometimes also make consecutive posts feel relevant to one another, either through colour grading or content type, to keep that cohesive feel.


Quick fire-round. What’s your best tip for shooting the following photography styles:

Product and flatlay photography: Make sure the product and brand name is the hero of the shot. Style your props around them.

Food photography: Your plating needs to be extraordinary, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new.

Travel and landscape photography: Avoid selfies, especially when there’s a breathtaking view to be captured.

December influencer of the month @koyourichan

What is your all-time best performing post on your feed, and why do you think that is?

Our posts about self care and investing in ourselves, such as this one, actually perform the best! I think that’s because they resonate with a lot of young, working parents. We’re constantly looking for a balance between work and family, as well as taking care of ourselves, so our audience can really relate to this content and find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone!  


Your professionalism, reliability and creativity are why you were named Influencer of the Month. What advice would you give to another creator looking to work on these traits?

Your mindset plays a very important part in this. We treat each campaign with precision and take each job very seriously. Just like any other profession!

My husband and I also keep shared lists between us to keep track of our campaigns, ensure we’re always following briefs and of course to share the workload. We always love to brainstorm our concepts and the messages we want to convey through our content. That way we hear each other’s ideas and can bounce off one another.


Right now I am…

Listening to: Jay Chow 

Watching: Netflix 

Eating: Chocolate

Wearing: PJs 

White cold brew (My fave!)


Finally, after working on Vamp campaigns for Watsons, Porcelain Skincare and Singsaver, what are your three favourite things about being a Vamp creator and why?

I get so much joy from being a Vamp creator! The app makes it so easy to apply for briefs, you have a real-time communications chat with your campaign manager and you’re given the opportunity to collaborate with big brands and have creative input on their campaigns.

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