Daily TikTok vlogs are having a viral moment – here’s how to create them

Here's the low-down on everything you should know about TikTok vlogs.
Daily TikTok vlogs are having a viral moment heres how to create them

If you haven’t already heard, daily TikTok vlogs are the new weekly YouTube vlogs.

Before TikTok landed in our App Store’s, YouTube was the sole home of vlogging entertainment. If you were anything like us during the years 2010 to 2018, you’d wait patiently each week for your favorite YouTuber to release their latest weekly vlog and watch the entire thing like an episode of your favorite TV series. 

But now, as our attention spans grow shorter thanks to the booming popularity of short-form video content, daily TikTok vlogs are the latest craze. They’re the shortened version of YouTube vlogs (most tend to be 60-seconds or less), and get churned out at a much faster rate. 

But it’s not just creators who are filling up our For You Page’s with daily vlogs. Major celebs, like Bella Hadid, are now jumping on the bandwagon. She’s one of many stars on TikTok to start taking the platform more seriously and is creating content that her audience actually wants to see. She understands the app and the type of content that performs – and is authentically giving her audience more insight into the world of a supermodel. All thanks to the power of TikTok vlogs.


Is this how u do it?Ask& you shall receive!♥️Usually I take a red eye&go str8 to work. 2Day I landed@ 630 am & had 2 hrs B4 my call time🙏🏽#blssed

♬ Coming Back – James Blake

What’s the difference between a YouTube vlog and a TikTok vlog?

Although the platform has tapped into the short-form video trend with its new ‘Shorts’ feature, YouTube is known for its ability to house long-form video content. YouTube vloggers use this to their advantage to share 15 – 40 minute long vlogs for their audience to immerse themselves in. Creators will usually share their content on a weekly basis and include bits and pieces of their week, from Monday through to Sunday. They’ll also speak directly to the camera they’re holding and explain exactly what they’re doing at any particular moment. 

Like we mentioned earlier, TikTok vlogs, sometimes called ‘A day in my life’, are essentially the shortened version of YouTube vlogs. However, they can look and sound different depending on the creator. Some creators, like @claaaarke, will film clips throughout their day and add a voice-over explaining each task. Others, like @carlosdharrisjr, will just film aesthetically pleasing snippets of their day, add a song of their choice and let their audience interpret the rest.


Everyday is a day to get 1% better. Create a routine and maximize your productivity. #dailyroutine #apartmenttherapy #dailyvlog #motivation

♬ original sound – Carlosdharrisjr

Why have TikTok vlogs become so popular? 

#DailyVlog has over 12.8B views on TikTok. While #DayInMyLife has 15.8B. Their virality stems from users wanting to feel more connected to the people they follow on social media. And these mini snippets into creators’ lives brings them that connection and comfort that they can absorb in less than 60-seconds. 

They’re a great way for creators to share life experiences with their audience in order to form deeper, more authentic relationships. They allow your audience to feel as though they’re part of your life, and leave them wanting more with each video you share, making them great engagement builders.

TikTok vlogging has also become a source of inspiration to viewers. Creators have the storytelling abilities that allow them to romanticize even the smallest and simplest tasks of their day, like doing laundry or making a smoothie. Users then aspire to start living like them, and will hunt down the products a creator uses in a vlog or a location they visit to try them out for themselves. This then poses a huge opportunity for branded collaborations and partnerships. Take Vamp creator, @thatgirlmel3, for example. As a vlogger and lifestyle creator, she partnered with Brooklinen via the Vamp app and created this aspirational TikTok vlog to promote the brands’ bed linen.


#ad I am obsessed with my new bedding from @brooklinen use code MEL for $20 off your 100 purchase. #brooklinen #brooklinenpartner #fypシ #mindfulness


Five tips to help you film captivating TikTok vlogs

#1 Don’t film directly in the TikTok app. Instead, film on your phone’s camera. It’s easier to chop and edit out any clips you no longer want to use. Once you have all your clips finalised, you can then import them all into TikTok and start adding your finishing touches, like voice-overs, music and overlaying text. 

#2 Keep each clip as short and aesthetically pleasing as possible. TikTok users are known for having a short attention span, so they want to learn about your day as quickly as possible. As for the aesthetics, this is what can make your video go viral. Those aesthetic shots that romanticize your morning walk, lunch prep or skincare routine is what your audience wants to enjoy and draw inspiration from.

#3 For consistency, keep similarities between all of your vlogs. Whether that’s using the same filter, soundtrack, text font or energy in every voice-over you record. This will help your viewers distinguish your content within an oversaturated feed and make your vlogs feel authentic to you and your personal brand.

#4 Experiment with your filming techniques to keep your audience engaged. For example, instead of filming yourself making your bed in the morning, create a stop motion so it looks like your bed was made all by itself. Do this by shooting each step individually then piecing them all together, like this.

#5 Don’t be afraid to use your comments to come up with new vlog ideas. For instance, if a viewer asks for a weekend vlog because you only post weekday vlogs, take it as an opportunity to expand your niche and create something new. This will show your audience that you care about delivering relevant content to them and will help keep them engaged with your account.

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