In order to tag a brand partner in a 'Paid Partnership', creators must first add them as a 'Business Partner'. Here's our creators' guide to Branded Content: How to request the Paid Partnership tag.


Instagram's Paid Partnership tag provides transparency to your audience and allows the brand you're collaborating with to view your insights on that post. It also gives them the opportunity to turn these posts into Branded Content ads, turning your engaging content into a high performing ad. To find out how this can benefit you - check out this guide.

To read our creators' guide to Branded Content: How to request the Paid Partnership tag, read on.


How to tag your brand partner as a Business Partner on Instagram:


Step 1

When uploading a new post or story click on ‘Advanced settings’ and turn on ‘Allow business partner to promote’. A message will pop up including tips on how to maintain eligibility. Carefully read through this, then hit ‘Get Tools’.

Step 2

Now when you click ‘Allow business partner to promote’ you have the ability to tag the brand. Search for their Instagram handle and click on their account to tag them as your business partner.

Step 3

Upload your content as per usual and the brand will either have automatic or manual approvals on. Once you have been accepted as a partner, you’ll see ‘Paid partnership with *brand name*’ underneath your Instagram handle on that post.

Step 4

To use the Paid Partnership tag on a story, just click the link button, found between the filters and stickers button when on the editing page of your story upload. You’re then taken through steps 1-3. Be aware that if you use hashtags or gifs in your Paid Partnership story, the brand won’t be able to turn it into a Branded Content ad.

Check out the video demo below.

Once you’ve completed this process, the brand you tagged as your business partner will now have the ability to turn your post into a Branded Content ad. These look very similar to a normal Instagram ad, except that the post is directly from you, rather than the brand. The caption includes “Paid Partnership with *brand name*” and “Sponsored” is still found above the image.


If a brand is keen to run Branded Content ads, we’ll let you know this information up front when you see the brief in our app.

In the meantime, learn more about what the branded content tool is here, how you can benefit from Branded Content Ads here and and how to approve creator partners here.


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