Converting Gen Z in one tap with TikTok shoppable ads

Here are four hacks to help your brand create FYP-worthy ads that drive Gen Z customers to action.
Converting Gen Z in one tap with TikTok shoppable ads

Gen Zers have grown up with fast and frictionless online experiences. 

They’re used to easy payments and fast delivery. They’re also notoriously the quickest scrollers, with the shortest attention spans. If you can’t offer them an easy route to purchase the moment inspiration strikes, they’ll scroll on by. 

Finding an effective way to convert these social users into shoppers could bring in big business for brands. All eyes are on TikTok to deliver a solution that feels friction-free and doesn’t involve multiple taps that redirect them away from the app. 

Why TikTok?

Not only does it hold the attention of millions of Gen Zers, but it shapes their purchasing decisions. A quick scan of the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit, which now has more than 3.1 billion views on TikTok, will show you how many users have been inspired to buy something, based on what they have seen on the app. 

TikTok has tried a few conversion options, allowing users to add e-commerce links to their bios, launching a “Shop Now” button for brands’ video ads and a “Hashtag Challenge Plus” e-commerce feature, which allows users to shop for products associated with a sponsored hashtag. But it’s recent integration with Shopify, currently available in Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, shows the most intent.

Converting Gen Z in one tap with TikTok shoppable ads

How does the TikTok Shopify integration work?

Brands (who are Shopify merchants) will be able to connect their TikTok for Business account with their Shopify account and sell products on TikTok via in-feed shoppable video ads. Everything is managed via Shopify’s dashboard, including ad creation, targeting (gender, age, user behaviour and video category), optimisation and tracking.

They can also install or connect their ‘TikTok Pixel’, a tool that helps track conversions driven by their TikTok ad campaigns. Like the Facebook Pixel, brands can use the TikTok Pixel to track user actions to aid personalisation and future targeting. 

What makes TikTok a unique sales opportunity?

What sets TikTok apart is their algorithm and default ‘For You’ page (FYP). Not only do they allow anyone to go viral, they set their users up with a discovery mindset. Ads blend into the rest of the content and users are open to them. TikTok actually urges brands to lean into the less disruptive approach with their ‘Make TikToks, not ads’ advice. 

Converting Gen Z in one tap with TikTok shoppable ads

How brands can create TikTok ads that convert

Your shoppable ad will likely convert more viewers if it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on the FYP. As an official Creative Marketing Partner of TikTok, Vamp has been running TikTok ad campaigns for a number of clients such as Adobe, Nude by Nature and video editing app, VLLO. This has allowed us to discover a lot about best practice on the platform. 

Here’s how you can make FYP-worthy ads that drive customers to action.

#1 Get straight to the point 

Although your average TikTok user spends 89 minutes per day scrolling through their feed, don’t expect them to spend any longer than three seconds on your ad. According to TikTok’s research, over 63% of videos with the highest click-through rate highlight their key message or product within the first three seconds. 

That critical three-second window is your chance to get your key message and product out to customers right away. But don’t make it a snooze-vill. You need to engage your customers so they want to watch for longer and take action. Feature eye-catching transitions to increase engagements and attention-grabbing language that feels native to TikTok. 

#2 Speak directly to your audience

TikTok data reveals that 33% of top-performing ads on the platform feature someone talking directly to the audience. TikTok users appreciate it when brands treat customers as real people. So direct communication is an effective way to help you achieve a high view-through rate, which helps increase your conversion rate.

When someone is so engrossed in watching your ad, they’re more likely to convert and action your CTA. After speaking directly to your audience, follow it up with a thought-provoking or reaction-provoking question to further open up the dialogue and deeply connect with customers. 

#3 Mimic trends authentic to the platform 

If TikTok is known for anything, it’s the distinctive trends and challenges that emerge from the platform. If you want your ad to blend into users’ feeds, you need to mimic what’s trending.

Incorporating the latest challenges, trending sounds, effects or editing styles will ensure your ad looks native to the platform. One brand who is constantly on point with their TikTok content is Ryanair. The Irish airline never fails to use popular sounds, jump on the latest challenges and use trending effects.

Keep tabs on what’s trending by checking out TikTok’s Discover tab or following popular creators, so your ads never feel out of the loop. 

#4 Collaborate with relevant influencers

According to TikTok, “Letting Creators take the lead in creating amazing TikTok videos results in better performing ads.” That’s because influencers know how to create great trend-led content. They know what TikTok users like to see and what makes them scroll right past a video. Not only have they done the trial and error, they’re usually the ones starting the trends in the first place. 

At Vamp, our TikTok creator community can help you deliver a fun and effective ad campaign. Get in touch to discover how we can bring your brand to life on TikTok and drive high return on ad spend. 

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