Empower your influence: Content licensing on the Vamp platform

Discover how content licensing on the Vamp platform empowers influencers to unlock new revenue streams and extend the impact of their creativity.
Content licensing on the Vamp platform


What is content licensing on the Vamp platform?

Content licensing on the Vamp platform is a game-changer for influencers, offering a seamless way to share their creativity with brands and maximize the value of their work. We now allow influencers to grant brands the legal rights to use their content, for the price they set, across various digital mediums, amplifying the reach and impact of their collaborations.

set your price for extended usage rights

How it works

1. Create Remarkable Content: Continue producing high-quality, authentic content that resonates with your audience.

2. Leverage the Licensing Feature: When applying for a new campaign, you’ll be asked to set your rate for extended usage for 12 months on each deliverable type. So you have the flexibility to price Posts and Stories differently. Your content, your price.

3. Earn from Licensing: When a brand selects to use your content for 12 months, you’ll receive your payment through our platform.

Benefits of Licensing Your Content as an Influencer


1. Unlock New Revenue Streams

Content licensing opens up a world of earning potential beyond the initial campaign. Every engaging photo, video, or story you create becomes a monetisable asset, allowing you to generate consistent income by licensing it to brands for various purposes.

2. Foster Collaborative Relationships

Licensing your content fosters ongoing relationships with brands. As your content continues to resonate with their audience, brands will seek your unique perspective for multiple campaigns, establishing you as a trusted influencer and content creator.

3. Extend the Lifespan of Your Work

Your content’s lifespan doesn’t have to end when a campaign concludes. Through licensing, your work continues to perform across different platforms, maintaining your influence in the digital space.

Licence campaign content across ads, websites, EDMSs and much more.

How brands can utilise licensed content


1. Diverse Marketing Channels

Brands can repurpose your licensed content across their marketing channels, from social media to advertisements and websites. Your authentic voice becomes an integral part of their brand narrative, enhancing engagement and resonance.

2. Consistent Brand Messaging

Licensing your content enables brands to maintain a consistent message throughout their marketing efforts. Your unique style and perspective add depth to their campaigns, reinforcing their identity and forging stronger connections with their audience.

3. Enhanced Creativity

With access to your content, brands can experiment with innovative storytelling techniques. Your licensed content becomes a canvas for their creative endeavours, resulting in captivating campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Content licensing on the Vamp platform is a game-changing opportunity for influencers to extend their influence and income. By granting brands the rights to use your exceptional content, you’re not only opening doors to new revenue streams but also fostering deeper relationships with brands that recognize your creative value.

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