Case study: Driving social awareness for Woolworths at Easter

How we drove social awareness for Woolworths at Easter during lockdown.

Social-distancing didn’t dampen this campaign, which inspired families to keep busy at home with Easter activities.


With Easter on the horizon – and Australian families practising social distancing – Vamp partnered with The Story Lab to deliver an influencer campaign for Woolworths that felt relevant to their customer’s lifestyles.

The goal was to drive awareness and excitement for Woolworth’s range of Easter products, while positioning the brand as the go-to retailer for all Easter needs.


A two-phased strategy


The following four content themes were chosen as they reflected the types of activities influencers were already using to keep their families entertained at home. It gave them a chance to showcase the diverse products in the range in an authentic way:

  • Easter egg hunt
  • Entertaining and decorating
  • Gifting
  • Activities with the family

Lifestyle and family-focussed influencers were chosen for this campaign. They had a close affinity to the Woolworths brand and their followers included Woolworth’s target customers. Each influencer was asked to create Instagram posts and Stories around the theme they felt suited them best.

To amplify this original content, Vamp launched the second phase of this strategy by amplifying the highest-performing influencer posts. In boosting these posts, Vamp was able to target Australian parents and grocery shoppers, even if they did not follow those influencers. This helped generate even more awareness, engagement and consideration among Woolworth’s target customer.


Result: Beautifully effective content




Strong talent recruitment paid off. Influencers were so engaged with the brand that, overall, 92 bonus pieces of content were created. The content was of a high-standard and successfully engaged their followers.

  • 624,000 Instagram users reached
  • 95.8% of posts were saved
  • 89.1% Story completion rate

With children out of school, families were looking for activities to keep children busy. Connecting with this theme and sharing ideas with their followers via captions like this and this, added relevancy, helped the content resonate with audiences and built brand equity.




In the boosting phase, Vamp were able to increase the organic engagement rate of 2.7% to 11.1%, achieving a CPE of $0.07.

263,000 additional users were reached with 29,000 post engagements.


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