Case study: Achieving 29x ROAS with influencer content for Selfridges

Find out how Selfridges drove over £234,000 in sales by partnering with Vamp creators

The highly-targeted Selfridges social strategy that drove fashion, beauty and food lovers to purchase – and 29x ROAS. 


Iconic British high street store, Selfridges, kicked off 2020 with a Happy New Decade theme. For the social component, they partnered with Vamp to drive awareness, promote their in store experiences and drive sales across three categories – fashion, beauty and food. Through a two-phased social strategy the campaign engaged millions of potential customers and drove over £234,000 in sales for Selfridges, achieving a return on ad spend of 2,932%


The social strategy that drove 29x ROAS


First, influencers specialising in fashion, beauty or food content were selected from Vamp’s invite-only community. They created content that showcased Selfridges products, or in store experiences, and shared them with their engaged audiences.

Next, Vamp boosted the influencer’s high-quality images, amplifying their impact. In the boosting phase, Vamp were able to target Selfridges target customers with precision, even if they didn’t follow those particular influencers.


Results that exceeded expectations


  • 135 pieces of high-quality branded content, 88% more than was briefed.
  • 3,210 clicks from the boosted content to Selfridges’ e-commerce site.
  • 1,488 purchases driven, with a total value of £234,542.

This campaign proves three things


#1 Authentic influencer generated content resonates with audiences, even if they don’t have an existing relationship with that influencer.

#2 Well-selected, relevant influencers, that have an affinity to that brand, ensures an authentic collaboration. The influencers in this campaign went above and beyond, creating 88% more content than was briefed and paid for. The bonus content value was over £7,000.

#3 Boosted posts, with their combination of engaging influencer content and direct calls to action, are highly effective when it comes to inspiring customers and driving them to shop. They can be taken to an e-commerce site in a single click, improving conversion levels.


Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.