Boosting campaign posts on Instagram: Your questions answered

Would you be open to Vamp promoting your content?
Boosting campaign posts on Instagram: Your questions answered

Have you ever been curious about how promoting your Instagram posts could boost your engagement and following?


Vamp’s clients certainly have. In fact, boosting an influencer’s campaign posts has become one of the most frequent requests from our brand partners. It allows more people to see campaign content by showing it to users that don’t already follow you, amplifying its impact.

To meet this demand, we offer our clients this option in campaigns.

Fulfilling this deliverable will require you to add Vamp as a ‘partner’ on your account. All that really means is we’ll be taking care of the boosting for you, but we understand you’ll have questions, so here are the facts.

What’s in it for me?


Presenting your post to people outside your following allows your content to be discovered by a fresh audience. People with tastes and interests that align with yours and the brand you are creating content for. With potentially millions of extra eyes on your posts, you’re likely to gain likes, comments and followers. If you’ve considered this tactic in the past but have been reluctant to spend money on it, this is a great, free opportunity to see what benefits it could bring.

I am more than happy for Vamp to boost my posts. It allows me to extent my work to myriad people. I get more followers and engagement, which is hard to obtain in the Instagram algorithm without boosting.



Why do you need access?


We’ll be boosting your posts at the optimum time to get the best results and tracking them carefully. Temporary access to your account is a requirement. We’ll never use this access for anything other than boosting the agreed post and we will disconnect the access as soon as the boosting period is over.

We won’t ask for your Instagram log in details. You’ll simply need to add Vamp as a ‘partner’ with our business ID so we can set up and fund the boosting.


Will this impact my account’s performance in the algorithm?


Rather than boosting the post from your feed, we’ll be creating a seperate post. This has all of the original ingredients of your original post, image, caption etc., but will be put together in a post that is not connected to your feed.

We do this to keep the organic results of the post and promoted results seperate. It also breaks the link between the promotion and your feed. However, the boosted post will still appear alongside your handle, so curious social media users will know who created the content and have a direct link back to your account to follow.


Influencers who have already had Vamp boost their posts, like @benmack_, gave overwhelmingly positive feedback.

There’s a bunch of different rumours floating around about boosted content reducing your engagement. I hadn’t boosted any of my content before, so when Adobe boosted one of my posts, it was a little scary to see what would happen. However, I can say there hasn’t been any change, if anything, engagement actually increased. I wouldn’t have any issues with boosting again in the future either.


What’s next?


We’ll be in touch with simple instructions should we wish to boost your posts. All you need to do now is make sure you have a Business Manager set up and your Instagram account correctly linked. See our handy guide. 


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