April influencer of the month @bankpyt

We sat down with photographer, @bankpyt to learn all his best photography tips and tricks. 
April influencer of the month @bankpyt

Meet @bankpyt. Vamp’s latest influencer of the month is a Thailand-based photographer with a love for travel and coffee. We sat down with him to learn all his best photography tips and tricks. 


Congratulations Bank! We’re so excited to award you as our influencer of the month. What inspired you to become a photographer and content creator? 

When I was 22 years old and working overseas in the Philippines, I discovered a love for travel. Photography was my new hobby at that time and I couldn’t stop photographing my travels.

Everything related to nature and art is very attractive to me. I am not really good at writing or public speaking, so I found photography as my way of telling the beauty of what I see.

Although 7-8 years have passed, I’m still interested in the same things. I just have more passion now, which has allowed me to turn my love for photography into my career.


What are your best tips for shooting the following photography styles:

Portrait photography: Find a good light source and shoot at a large aperture for better depth of field.

Landscape photography: Always shoot at sunrise or sunset with a tripod!

Architecture photography: Make sure that there are no distortions and always make the lines align.

April influencer of the month @bankpyt

What does your go-to photography kit look like and why do you like this kit so much?

I always go with my A7m4 and 35mm or 55mm prime lens. I have been using Sony models for more than five years now and I’m quite familiar with the colour picture profile.

I love these two lenses because of their focal length and weight. The lighter, the better!


Your Instagram feed is magnificent! What does your editing process look like?

I have my own, unique way of shooting and editing. I love to shoot underexposed to make my photos look moodier and I edit all my content with the same presets to achieve that cohesive flow.


How can other creators grow their audience and engagement on Instagram?

Always be authentic and be yourself. Engagement and audience numbers can fluctuate at any time due to today’s algorithm, but just be patient and keep doing what you do best.

April influencer of the month @bankpyt

You’re the co-founder of @onceinabluemoon.cnx – can you tell us a little more about it?

Once in a blue moon is a small cafe and hostel based in Chiang Mai that we started three years ago. Aside from photography, I have a passion for coffee.

I also love to make new friends and I discovered that the coffee community is very interesting, which is the main reason why we started this small coffee shop.

If you ever get the chance to visit Chiang Mai, you’re most welcome to visit our cafe!


We can see you’re a traveller! What are your top three favourite countries to shoot and why?

Tokyo, Japan is always my first favourite city because it has everything! Nature, art, architecture, culture, coffee, and most importantly, food – Japanese food is so good!

New York, USA was my first visit to the country since the pandemic. New York is a very unique and non-sleep city. Everyone and anyone can enjoy it. Plus, everything in NYC is photographable!

London, UK is a classic and romantic city. I love everything there, especially all the gardens and museums – they’re really cool! The architecture and streets are also very photogenic.

April influencer of the month @bankpyt

You’ve mastered the Reels algorithm. Do you have any tips for other creators looking to increase their reach on Reels?

Use trending songs and make your videos short and interesting to watch. I find these three tips help to boost your Reels in the algorithm.


Quickfire round. Right now I am…

Listening to: Jam & Butterfly by DPR LIVE

Watching: Friends on Netflix

Eating: Tonkatsu on Rice

Drinking: Iced Americano

Wearing: NB992 GR


Finally, after working on Vamp campaigns for Adobe, Lenovo, KIOXIA, and more, what makes you keep coming back to Vamp? 

The brands that I have worked with through Vamp are all big, global brands. I always come back to Vamp because they make it so much easier for me to connect with these brands.

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