Top 3 tips for compelling brand content at events

In this article Vamp shares their top tips for creating compelling content at events
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One of the most exciting perks of being an influencer is having the opportunity to attend  exclusive brand events. Brands across all sectors hold events for various reasons whether that be a product launch or celebrating a milestone for the brand.  Events are one of the best ways brands can excite consumers about their new products as influencers share exclusive content and sneak peeks.

As the gatekeepers between the brand and the market, influencers help keep their followers up-to-date with new launches and products. In order to do this, they need to make sure they are capturing high quality content from these events to share with their audience.

Capturing the hero product

It can be a bit overwhelming at events. Between taking in the new products, networking and trying to capture the best bits for your followers – there’s a lot to think about. With all this excitement and rush to capture everything it can be easy to lose the hero product or main purpose of the event. To avoid getting lost in all the minor details, it’s important to focus on capturing the hero product. Try to capture photos in front of brand walls, and with the logo in frame. Like you would with any brand affiliated content on your feed, you should only feature relevant branded content.  You want your audience to know exactly what product you are showcasing, without them having to hunt for it.

Tagging and hashtags

Make sure to tag the brand! Whether it be an Instagram post or Instagram story remember to tag the brand. This will make it easier for your audience to find out more information about the product and where they can find it. If available, remember to use the Instagram Story swipe up link. This way your followers have easy access to shop the product or referral to the brand’s site where they can find out more information.

Most branded events will have an official hashtag, make sure to use it!  This will make it easier for your followers to find other influencer’s content about the event as well. Vice versa if Instagrammers are searching that hashtag the more possible views you will get for your post and account.

Events are an amazing place to network and connect with other influencers. Being in the right place with the right person can open up for opportunities and possible collaborations in the future. If you can, make sure to capture content with other influencers and brand ambassadors. Not only would your audience love to see their favourite influencers together, by tagging other influencers in the community you can also increase your reach and traffic to your page.


Like with anything, at events you won’t always be able to control your surroundings. In between all the networking and trialling of new products, there might not be a lot of time to capture everything you want to, especially in the way you want to. Be prepared to adapt to the circumstances at hand. There can be a lot of pressure for influencers to balance capturing high quality content at events -that is still in keeping with their usual style- whilst still socialising and enjoying themselves. Bad lighting, lack of time and moving around the masses of people can all effect the quality of your content. The most important thing is to keep shooting. If your usual style of shooting isn’t possible, find a new avenue. Whether that be capturing the day on Instagram stories, editing photos after the event, or even flat laying your goodies from the event at home in a more controlled setting. The way in which you deliver this content should still be unique to your personal brand, without compromising quality.

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