Debunking the myths of switching to an Instagram business account

Debunking the myths of switching to an Instagram business account
Instagram business account

You’ll get lost in the algorithm. You’ll lose followers or engagement. You’ll have to boost your posts to get noticed.

The rumour mill has been churning, making hard-working Instagram influencers fear that changing over to a business account will do more harm than good. Now that brands are deciding to only work with influencers who have an Instagram business account, it’s time to debunk the myths and make the switch.


The majority of influencers have already made the conversion to an Instagram business account but for anyone who is still reluctant to make the switch, we believe the advantages far outweigh the perceived disadvantages. The sooner you make the switch the sooner you will have unbridled access to key insights on your account which can help your business to flourish.

Vamp influencer @alittleatlarge switched to an Instagram business account over a year ago.

“Having a business account encourages me to think about my account as an actual business and not just a hobby. Brands I work with wanted to see the insights to gauge the ROI on the content I was producing for them. It’s interesting to see what my audience responds to best so I can develop my content to suit. It gives me an insight into how my business is performing and the areas I can improve upon as I continue to learn and evolve.”


Instagram provides users with a business account access to exclusive analytics. Not only are these extremely useful for influencers who want to grow an engaged community of followers but brands are now pro-actively asking to see the stats.

Accurate stats help brands to justify their marketing spend on influencers which means more opportunities are likely to come your way if you approach the relationship with openness. The stats to back your track record of producing content that performs well.

Knowledge is power and business account insights give you comprehensive analytics to help guide your personal Instagram strategy, helping you to grow your followers and engagement.

The insights are currently split into 3 key areas of interest. The guessing game of who, what, when, how, why your followers are interacting with your account in the way that they do is over!


Interactions are tracked on Instagram business accounts including the number of taps on your posts/profile and website clicks. This is another good measure of engagement that goes further the number of likes and comments on a photo. It helps you to gauge the number of people who have been engaging silently with your profile.

If you’ve ever wondered how your account sits in the wider Instagram community, the discovery feature in business insights highlights how many times your posts have been seen and the number of unique accounts that have seen it.

By seeing how your followers interact with your posts you can figure out the best times of day to post, the kind of content your audience responds best to and which hashtags help you to get picked up by the wider community.


This tool helps you to track how your posts perform against each other, delving much deeper than likes and comments. You can see the number of new followers you got from a post, the number of profile visits post, story or promotion directed and the number of website clicks from a post – to name a few!


This feature gives you insights into your following growth, demographic and the time of day your followers are most active on Instagram on any given day of the week. Everything you need to know to build a better connection with your community.

Swipe up in Stories!

Too many clicks on the dance floor does not a easy click-through process make.

Another bonus of having an Instagram business account is that if you have over 10,000 followers you are able to include a link in your Stories. This reduces the number of clicks a follower has to make to get to the link you’re driving them to. All your followers need to go to get to that link is swipe up in your Story. Easy.

This means no longer having to rely solely on your followers going to a link in your bio. You’ll be able to track how many swiped up too. Brands love this feature too as you can help drive your followers to a shopping link, or a page with more information.

Easier to be found

Rather than fighting a losing battle against the algorithm, Instagram business accounts actively make your account easier to find. Instagram business accounts are organised into categories which enable your profile to be found more easily by relevant people on Instagram search and explore.

Easier to be contacted

Instagram business accounts allow you to include contact links. Blog, website links, your e-mail address, number, address, business hours – all are clearly linked in your bio. This makes your bio look professional, helps to build your credibility as a personal brand and gives you more space to write what you want with hashtags and emojis to reflect your personality. You’d hate to miss out on that dream brand opportunity because they didn’t have an easy way of contacting you.

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